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Toddler - from 24 to 30 months old

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Blowing Bubbles with Babies

By Melanie Fleury, edHelperBaby

           Bubbles are a great way to entertain baby. If it has been a while since you have played with bubbles, there are a variety of different bubble accessories that you can purchase. There are different wands and automatic bubble machines. Put baby on the floor and blow bubbles in his general direction. When you are changing his diaper, you can have an automatic bubble machine to distract him. You can blow bubbles high in the air above him so that he can watch the bubbles as they fall. Bubbles stick longer on carpeted or clothed areas so that baby can get a chance to pop one! Blow bubbles during bath time for some added fun. You are only limited by your imagination.


What It Does
           Blowing bubbles is not just a fun game, you are working on many skill sets. Following the bubbles with his eyes is a great way to work on his eye tracking. Watching the bubbles float are a great way to work on depth perception and distance. Swatting at the bubbles is a great hand-eye coordination workout. Finally, when he pops the bubbles, he learns cause and effect. I swing, bubble pops.


Try It Now
           Want to play with bubbles now, but don't want to load up baby to go to the store? You can make bubbles at home. Equal parts dishwashing liquid and water usually work. You may have to play with the ratio depending on the brand liquid you use. Use plastic lids with the center cut out for wands.


My Baby
           My son loves to do this activity. We like to sit on a towel on the floor to minimize soap all over our carpets. He also loves to watch bubbles outside when there is a gentle breeze. He learns about the wind and how it can move things. This is a fun activity to do many times over.


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