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Toddler - from 24 to 30 months old

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By Melanie Fleury, edHelperBaby

Let's Learn Our Colors
           At 2 years of age, your toddler is ready to start learning basic ideas. It is a great time to introduce colors, letters, and numbers. School age will come quicker than you can imagine, you can begin now to give your toddler a head start on the pack. Toddlers love colors and can benefit from various activities that teach them the basic colors.


Activity ideas
           Pick a "Color of the Week" to teach your toddler. Color pictures with only that color crayon. Make Jello of that color. Make something with that particular color construction paper. Do this for a whole week.  Switch colors from week to week.  Dress her in that particular color. Do paintings using that color. Use your imagination and use that color wherever possible.       

       Another great color idea is to take a piece of construction paper and cut it into a circle. Color pie shaped pieces into different colors. Color some clothespins to match. Help your child clip on the clothespin to the matching piece in the circle. This is great for motor skills as well as identifying colors.       

       Another great sorting activity like the one above can be done with math cubes or counters. You can get cups in the same colors as the math cubes and teach your child to drop each counter into the color coded cubes.


What It Does
           Working with colors, especially the sorting activities, help with your toddler's perception of colors. It also gives him/her a great foundation base knowledge to go to preschool with. Keeping the color consistent for a whole week allows him/her to really see what the color is, in all shades and uses.


My Experience
           My 2-year-old loves to sort the colors into cups. As she picks up each color, I tell her the name of the color before she drops it into the cup. She is already starting to prefer some colors over the others. She also loves working with Jello. We took play cookie cutters and cut the Jello into cars, hearts, and squares. Have fun with your child as she learns the basic colors and even picks a favorite. My child happens to like the yellow.


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