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Toddler - Month #24

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Dinner Time

By Melanie Fleury, edHelperBaby

Dinner Time
           Now is the time that 2-year-olds are experiencing a change in how they play. Where they used to play alone, they are starting to learn to have fun with their peers. This activity will help with their social skills while encouraging their imagination and at the same time, adding some math skills!


What You Need and How to Set It Up
           You will need a toddler sized table or overturned box. You need some play food, plates, cups, and utensils. Also have on hand a few dolls or stuffed animals to double as guests. Set up the table with your place settings and food.


How to Play
           Have a wonderful play dinner with your toddler. Place the dolls around as guests who have been invited to your party. Practice taking turns with your toddler to encourage her social skills. Let her match place settings, this plate needs a fork for example. This teaches her one-on-one correspondence, a skill she will need for math later. Let her use her imagination, is that play banana really an ice cream cone? If you want, you can use toddler friendly foods that she can help prepare. Let her use a plastic knife to cut a banana for a snack and then sit down and enjoy it at your tea party. There are so many ways you can enhance this activity.


My Toddler Loves...
           My toddler loves to have a tea. She especially loves it when it is complete with goldfish on little play plates, and lemonade in Dixie cups, (ahem...big girl cups!). We always invite Mickey, Clifford, and baby brother and have a wonderful time.


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