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Toddler - from 24 to 30 months old

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Fall Into Fall

By Melanie Fleury, edHelperBaby

           Your 2-year-old is entering into a wonderful fall season. While the fun of water activities is still in her memory, fall offers a whole new type of fun! The changing colors of the season are a great muse for some fun learning activities. Go ahead and enjoy nature at its best.


A Fall Outing
           Take your 2-year-old outside with a basket or bucket to collect everything that he or she finds.  You can do a fall walk in your own backyard. Collect things in the bucket that are of interest to your 2-year-old. Some leaves that have changed colors, some pinecones that have fallen, or even some grass that is going brown are some great ideas for your basket. Have your toddler tell you about each item, the color, how it feels, what it is. Take your full basket home and sort the items in different ways. You can ask your toddler to sort them by color, for instance ask if she or he can take out all the green objects? Maybe he or she would like to sort them by size or even by type of objects.  I like to finish the activity by taking a picture with my toddler and the basket so that she can look at her work whenever she likes. When she does see the pictures, she is flooded with memories of our fun walk. After you take the picture, do whatever you like with the basket. You can make a centerpiece, return the objects to their homes, or put the found objects in a compost pile.


What my toddler loves...
           My 2-yr-old loves to go on our fun fall walks. She especially loves hunting for different colored leaves. She loves to glue them onto construction paper of the same color and display them on the refrigerator. She goes about the whole day comparing her toys to the colors on the wall. "My bear is brown like the leaf!"  Her knowledge of colors increases and it gives us a fun activity to rival the days in the pool.


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