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Infant - from 7 to 9 months old

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Obstacle Course

By Melanie Fleury, edHelperBaby

Developmental Milestones
           Is your baby crawling yet? If not, he most likely will be! In fact, most babies at this age have at least started being mobile in some way. Some scoot backwards, some roll around to get where they need, some may army crawl, or even bear crawl. These are all normal milestones in development. Now is a great time to have fun with your moving baby.


Set It Up
           Set up a great obstacle course in your home with household objects. Pillows are fun to climb over. Chairs overturned with a blanket over them make a great tunnel. Tables are fun to crawl under. Encourage baby to move over, under , and around your obstacle course.


Some  Things To Consider
           As with everything at this age, it is a much more fun activity to do when baby is well rested. Start small, one activity at a time, and give baby plenty of time to master it. Do not force baby to do the activity, instead, make it fun for him by having his favorite treat on the other side.


My Baby Loves
           My infant loves to follow me through the maze. He has finally learned how to duck his head under the table without conking it on the top. He also loves when I slightly change the course each day and keep most of it the same. It is great exercise for siblings that are slightly older as well.


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