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Toddler - Month #24

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Pretty Colored Bubbles

By Melanie Fleury, edHelperBaby

Pretty Colored Bubbles
           Every toddler loves bubbles. With a new twist on this favorite activity, bubbles can be a great artistic tool. Your toddler will love the result of this great idea.


  • Bubbles
  • 3 different colors of food dye
  • An outdoor area
  • Paper


What To Do
           Separate the bubbles into 3 different containers, Styrofoam cups work great. Make sure you also have 3 different wands, it helps not to muddy the colors. In each cup , put 2-3 drops of food coloring. Mix thoroughly. As you blow the bubbles, have your toddler pop them with her piece of paper. The dye in the solution will leave great splats of color on the paper! Voila! Bubble Art!


What It Does
           This activity works on several different skills. The popping of the bubbles works on her gross motor skills as well as her eye tracking. It also helps her learn about cause and effect, I pop the bubble and colors appear on the paper. Bubble art is an easy first art project and helps her learn about colors.


Some Things I Have Learned
           Make sure that you do this activity outside. Carpet is not a good place for bubble art! It also helps to dress your toddler in an apron or clothes that can be ruined. Older kids love this activity as well, so make it a family event.


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