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Toddler - from 24 to 30 months old

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Teach Me to Share

By Melanie Fleury, edHelperBaby

What They Are Learning
           Your 2-year-old is still developing her social skills. Ideas like sharing are a hard concept to grasp. She may like to play around other kids, but not necessarily with other kids. This time is crucial for you to play with your child so that she can begin to grow in her social interactions. There are many easy games to play that will make sharing and playing fun.


Some Ways to Teach Sharing
           In every day situations, it is hard to take the time to teach your child the life lessons. Who has time to stop your child during lunch so that you can teach her please and thank you with every move? Recreating these situations during play time is a great way to spend time emphasizing the concepts that you need to teach them. Set up a table with play food for a play lunch. Make sure to "take turns" with pouring pretend tea and eating your pretend cake. Set some blocks out and play a game where you take turns stacking them. You can also play with trains and cars and take turns driving them up and down. Another great way is to start with simple board games and taking turns. These ideas are great to teach sharing, a very important social skill.


My toddler loves
           My toddler loves to play games with playing cards. We take turns picking out cards that match. It is just like the game Memory, except that the cards are face up. She learns to take turns and to match like cards. We always have fun and I enjoy knowing that we are working on a crucial skill.


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