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Toddler - from 18 to 30 months old

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Weekly activity for toddler (18-24 month)

By Melanie Fleury, edHelperBaby

           This is the time where toddlers learn something new every day. Their gross motor skills are being developed and will continue to do so. Around age 2, most toddlers can start to jump. While they have attempted jumping before, it is not until around 2 years old that they can actually coordinate getting up off the ground. They are also working on walking, running, and skipping. You can do lots of activities to encourage these skills.


           Toddlers love music and movement. Using music can help them work on their motor skills while having fun. Pick out one of your toddler's favorite songs. Try to pick one that has various speeds to it. When the song is slow, practice walking around in circles, making sure to pick up the pace when the music does. You can advance to running and skipping. Then practice jumping to the beat. Your toddler is practicing her gross motor skills and you are tiring her out for nap time! You can also practice stopping the music and asking your child to freeze. This helps with listening as well as motor skills.


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