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Toddler - from 24 to 30 months old

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What Are You Thankful For?

By Melanie Fleury, edHelperBaby

           My 2-year-old is now at a time where she understands and appreciates the holidays. She enjoys having friends and family over and knows that it is a special occasion. She also is able to participate in family rituals and holiday traditions. Thanksgiving is quickly coming up and offers the opportunity to not only teach old customs, but to make new ones as well.


What You Need
           Prepare several cut out shapes of leaves from different color construction paper, you could also do turkey feathers, cornucopias, anything that seems like Thanksgiving or fall. Make several as this activity takes the whole month. You will also need a marker and perhaps you may want items to use for decorations, glitter, crayons, etc.


What to Do
           Explain to your 2-year-old that Thanksgiving is a holiday where we give thanks for things that we are grateful for. We can be thankful for people in our lives, things we have, and more. Ask her what she is thankful for. Once she lets you know what she thankful for, write it down on the cutout .You can make a poster to display on Thanksgiving, or pin feathers with thanks onto a turkey body. It is a lot of fun to read responses and see the finished product. I like to take the leaves and use them as napkin holders. Then each guest gets to read one of the things that my 2-year-old is thankful for.


My Toddler Loves
           My toddler is enjoying the time decorating our leaf. She understands the idea of giving thanks, and gives thanks to me! I am sure she will love the finished product and cherish what it means. I will save each one so that she can see how her gratitude changed from year to year.


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