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Infant - Month #44

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Responsibility Rocks!

By Lindsey Hill, edHelperBaby

Considering Chores
           Experiencing the satisfaction that comes from accomplishments can develop a child's self confidence within himself and the family and then as a productive member of his community. Choosing the right responsibilities for your child's age and ability level must be considered first. Why not start with helping other members of the family: your pets!


An Eye On The Issue
           Many Americans are aware of the benefits of owning a pet since over 71 million households in America have at least one pet. Pets are playmates that offer companionship and teach your children about responsibility, compassion, and respect. Your pet will also show your child how to lead an active lifestyle, depend on a trusting friendship, and help build his self-esteem and confidence. As you encourage patience and kindness with your pet, your child will learn empathy that he'll carry into adulthood. Pets also provide a variety of health benefits for their owners. Just by petting or talking to your animal, you can lower your blood pressure as well as your stress level at any age. Pet owners tend to make fewer visits to their doctors and have even increased the survival rate of people with heart problems.


Childhood Chores
           Children that do chores should receive tasks that provide:
  • Easy success
  • A beginning and an ending
  • Family value
  • Pleasant results
  • Teachable moments
  • Incentives for a job well done
  • Follow through opportunities
  • Age appropriate activities
  • Minimal expectations for perfection
  • Teamwork


Just Try It
           Teaching your child responsibility probably began many months ago, but it's never too late to begin if you haven't already. One sure way to teach this life skill is to monitor your child while he helps out with the family pet. Give some of these "chores" a try with your child and you'll be surprised with his excitement! He'll feel like he's lending a hand around the house while also making household tasks easier for Mom and Dad.
  • Let the pet out of its kennel space or "home."
  • Play fetch or other pet games with your pet.
  • Brush or groom your pet daily.
  • Walk your pet around the backyard on a leash to ensure exercise.
  • Pour food into the pet bowl.
  • Fill your pet's water bowl.
  • Help give your pet a bath outside or in the bathtub and dry it off with a towel.
  • Make homemade treats for your pet (using animal-friendly ingredients).
  • Straighten the pet's kennel space or "home." Leave the cleaning to Mom and Dad.
  • Help Mom or Dad start the washer with pet supplies inside.
  • Give your pet treats and other snacks.
  • Help to locate pet food at the store while grocery shopping.

       Always monitor small or young children with any animal present. Require your child to wash his hands immediately after handling any animal. Parents should also oversee all pet care to ensure your pet's health and happiness, too.


Parent Chit-Chat
           "Wash your hands! Have you washed your hands yet? Just wash your hands!" Sound familiar? We are constantly asking our son whether he's washed his hands after going potty, before eating, after playing or helping with our dogs, or after coming in from playing outdoors. It's a constant battle because he's a boy that loves dirt and doesn't understand the importance of good hygiene.       

       Our solution was to use a special soap that temporarily stains his hands each time he pumps the soap.  However, after about 20 seconds of thorough washing, the ink begins to fade, and he is left with clean, dye-free hands. Since 20 seconds can be a long time for any young child, Cory sings his ABCs or "Happy Birthday" to himself for entertainment while rinsing his hands. We also keep a towel at his level for handy drying and a stool beneath the sink for easy access with smaller messes.


Book Basket
           Open the pages of these unique learning books aimed for infants to age five!
  • Harry the Dirty Dog; Gene Zion
  • McDuff Moves In; Rosemary Wells
  • Arthur's New Puppy; Mark Brown
  • Responsibility; Kristin Thoennes Keller, Madonna Murphy
  • Being Responsible: A Book About Responsibility; Mary Small
  • Taking Care of Mango: Responsibility; Cindy Leaney
  • William and the Guinea Pig: A Book About Responsibility; Gill Rose
  • Emma Dilemma and the New Nanny; Patricia Hermes
  • The Berenstain Bears' New Pup; Stan and Jan Berenstain
  • Monster Pet!; Angela McAllister, Charlotte Middleton


Exploration Station

       Using the story "Best Buddies" on our edHelper education site, replace the friend in the story with your family pet's name. Your child can read the story with you using the picture clues. Before and after you read, discuss your family pet with your child. Ask him how he can help care for the pet.


Food For Thought
           This simple, microwaveable treat for your pet is sure to provide a hands-on learning opportunity for your child as well as a delicious snack for man's best friend.

       You will need three jars of pureed meat or vegetable baby food, or puree your own meats or vegetables. You will also need 1/2 cup oat flour or non-gluten flour from any health food store.

       First, drop the mixture using a teaspoon onto a wax paper covered paper plate and flatten with a fork. Next, cover the first plate with a second paper plate. Lastly, microwave the plates on high for 4-5 minutes. Allow treats some time to cool before allowing your child to handle the treats and store extras in the refrigerator.


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