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How Can I Naturally Induce Labor?

By Angela Sawinski, edHelperBaby

Can I Naturally Induce Labor?
           After nine months of pregnancy, it is normal to feel anxious and a little impatient as the end draws near. Your feelings may greatly intensify if you are past your estimated due date. If the medical methods of jump-starting labor turn you off, there are a number of home remedies for inducing labor naturally when you are full term. Remember that anytime after 37 weeks is considered by doctors to be full term. Some of these methods can help soften and tone your uterus, but none of these remedies will start labor unless you have already begun to dilate.


Ways To Naturally Induce Labor
  • Eat spicy foods or pineapple It has been documented by many pregnant women that they went into labor after eating these types of foods.
  • Go for a walk This is thought to bring on labor because of the pressure of the baby's head pressing down on the cervix. Walking may also help drop the baby into position for labor.
  • Have sex This works in two ways to induce labor. First, female orgasm releases the hormone oxycotin which causes the uterus to contract. Additionally, semen contains prostaglandins which work to help soften the cervix and act as a natural potocin.
  • Nipple stimulation Some women may find sex too uncomfortable at this stage. For them, nipple stimulation may be a better choice. It helps bring on labor in much the same way - by releasing the hormone oxycotin. The oxycotin will cause the uterus to contract. Nipple stimulation may take more time and effort to actually start labor than sex.
  • Accupressure Accupressure may be helpful in inducing labor. Some pressure points that you can try are the roof of your mouth, the webbing of your fingers between your pointer and thumb, and above the ankle about four finger spaces.
  • Cleaning the house Interestingly, cleaning your home could help your labor to start in various ways. First, cleaning requires you to walk, bend, squat, be on all fours, and stand. Being in certain positions and changing positions can assist the baby to move into the optimal birthing position. Secondly, cleaning requires you to lift and move objects. Lifting items could put more pressure on your abdominal cavities and stimulate the uterus to contract. Thirdly, cleaning takes your mind off waiting for the baby and helps you relax.
  • Visualization and relaxation Relaxation can help with labor inductions. Try doing some relaxation exercises; they will be good practice for when actual labor begins.

       Some women feel that waiting for the baby to arrive after nine long months is unbearable and they will try anything to induce labor. No matter how uncomfortable or uneasy you are feeling, you don't want to try just anything - it needs to be something safe. Many of the old wives' tales can actually be harmful so it is important to consider all factors when trying to induce labor.


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