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Week #22 of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Week 22

By Christine Shiffler, edHelperBaby

  How is Your Baby Growing and Developing?
           Your baby weighs about 12 - 13 ounces.  You are now feeling pretty good and enjoying pregnancy.  You are able to do most activities in a comfortable manner.  It feels good to be pregnant at this stage.  Your baby continues to grow and is getting bigger every day.  Your baby is getting plumper.


  What is happening to Your Body?
           Raised hormone levels cause you to retain water during pregnancy.  You may feel bloated.  Your body needs to keep hydrated.  Your body needs extra fluids to keep bringing nutrients and oxygen to your growing baby.

       Swelling during pregnancy is a common issue for most.  There is concern if swelling is accompanied by headaches, weight gain of more than a pound a day, and blurred vision.  If you have these symptoms you should consult a doctor.

       Most of the time you will find that fluid will build up in your feet, legs, and ankles.  This happens because of your growing uterus.  It may block the flow of blood to your lower extremities.  Most doctors will suggest that you keep your feet elevated.  You can even ice your ankles to help reduce any swelling.  You should also drink lots of fluids and watch your weight gain by avoiding salty foods to avoid any swelling.


Parents Homework
           Couple time before the baby arrives.

       Pregnancy can be stressful on couples.  One of the main reasons is the shift in priorities during pregnancy.  Often one or both members in the relationship feel overlooked or left out.  It is important to talk a lot about the tasks each one of you will take on once the baby arrives.  It may seem premature to discuss situations that may arise once the baby arrives, but having discussions and planning ahead can help prevent future dilemmas.  Being pregnant we usually talk about our hopes and dreams for the baby.  Our partners don't always open up about these things without a little nudging.  Asking each other about your hopes for the baby will help each of you feel essential to the whole parent/child experience.  The best thing that couples can do now to prepare for your new member is to be sensitive to each other's feelings.  Everyday ask each other questions like:  Are you feeling overwhelmed, tired, irritated, satisfied, relaxed, etc.  These simple practices will help you and your partner deal with all the changes in your lives now and when the baby does arrive.       
  1. Talk a lot.
  2. Discuss your dreams for the baby.
  3. Be kind to each other and ask questions about feeling every couple of days.


  Personal Experience:
           Our discussions about tasks with and for the baby were very revealing.  We decided to make a list of tasks that each one of us were able to feel comfortable attaining.  The division of duties for taking care of the baby's needs was not a problem (except for diaper changing).  Each one of us was willing to try and do whatever it takes to care for the needs of the baby (even diaper changing I hope).  Our conflict became apparent when we discussed the household chores.  I have done most of the household chores up to this point in our relationship.  My partner does do the occasional dishes, he has done laundry, and he will vacuum.  My partner and I have had some awakening moments about the changes that our lives will take once the baby arrives.  We did make the decision to create a chart of tasks to be completed for household chores.  We decided to put it into action now in order to work out the kinks and have an active plan in place before the baby arrives.

       Through all these discussions we have become closer in understanding the awesome responsibility that having a baby has on our lives.  Not just the tasks but our hopes and dreams and our sensitivity towards each other.


  Get More Sleep!
           The best thing to help you get a more comfortable rest is to use pillows.  You can buy a pregnancy pillow which is very similar to a body pillow.  If you choose not to purchase a new pillow use a few of the pillows you already own.  You can even use the cushion from your sofa.  Placing the pillows around you front and back will help you to stay on your side and provide comfort for your feet and legs.  Placing a pillow under your knees can elevate your legs providing relief as you rest.  Wedging a pillow between your knees can also help reduce lower back pain.  If you are experiencing the discomfort of heartburn at night you can elevate your head and back by placing pillows behind you and sleep in a more upright position.  Experiment with what feels best for you.  You can even place a pillow under your expanding stomach.  Find ways to be comfortable to get the sleep and rest you need.


Things to Do:
  • Put your feet up.
  • Talk with your partner about tasks to come.
  • Get more sleep.


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