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Week #24 of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Week 24

By Christine Shiffler, edHelperBaby

  How is your baby growing and developing?
           Your baby is in rapid growth.  It is an exciting time for you.  By this week, your baby weighs a little over 1 pound.  Your baby is developing its features to look more and more like an infant at the time of birth.  Your baby is still very tiny.  As the weeks pass, space in the uterus will get tighter, but for now your baby has a great deal of room to move.       

       Section:  What is happening to your body?       

       You should begin to feel more energetic and healthy.  Your clothes should become tighter as your baby continues to increase in size.  You may find the need to increase your bra size for comfort and support of your growing breasts.  Have yourself fitted for bras.  You'll be much more comfortable.  You may find that wearing a bra to bed will help you get a more comfortable rest.  You may start to notice a general darkening of your nipples and surrounding skin.  A dark line may also appear down your stomach.  These skin changes are normal and will fade after birth.  Your breast will start making colostrum.  This is nourishment needed for the baby should you choose to breast-feed.       

       Section:  Parent's Homework
       Make a Baby Budget       

       Before the baby, you probably only needed to budget for general living expenses.  Latest studies report that to raise a child from birth to age 18 can cost up to $200,000 or even more if you live in an urban area.  That is why there is no better time than now for you and your partner to figure out how you're going to afford this child.       
  • Figure out what items you will need at the very beginning.
  • Your child may go through as many as 10 diapers a day.
  • If using formula your baby will go through a large can of powder about every one to two weeks.
  • If you plan to return to work and don't have family to assist you, your greatest expense will be childcare.  Childcare is something you need to research.  Childcare for infants can be very expensive--as much as $235.00 per week.  You'll feel better about your choices if you really investigate this topic.
  • Consider any expensive items you still need to purchase.  You may not have received all your needed items at your baby shower.  You can check to see if there's anything you can borrow, but check items for safety first.
  • Put aside the cost of your insurance co-pay for the baby.  You will have at least four visits to the doctor in the first six months.
       Consider the fact that you will probably need to order out more frequently during the first few months after having the baby.

       When you start to think about how much the baby will cost, make some cutbacks now.  Estimate that you will need an extra $200.00 a month in baby expenses, not including childcare.       

       Section: Personal Experience:       

       Once my husband and I realized the great expense of the items we needed to purchase for our baby, we started making changes.  I collect coupons and have friends and family collect them too.  Most of the time, I get coupons for diapers and baby toiletries.  My husband started to investigate prices for formula and diapers too.  He found that if you go to a bulk item store, you can find name brand diapers and store brand for less. Make a savings for these items.   These bulk item stores usually don't take coupons but keep those for last minute emergencies.  Formula was a great deal cheaper too.  It is hard to know how much the formula will cost until the baby is born and you know the type to use for your child.  Wipes were a great buy too.  We found a box over 700 wipes that was very reasonable.  Both of you need to start looking now for these items and keep track of the prices. As you get closer to your due date, you will want to stock up on diapers and wipes.  If you both do your homework you will find prices that suit your budget and make things a little easier.       

       Section:  Having a Stuffy Nose?       

       You may notice that you feel very stuffed up and congested.  Many women experience this during pregnancy.  You should always consult your doctor before treating yourself with any medications.  Some great remedies to help sooth this problem are a sinus flush which is natural and safe.  You can purchase them at your local pharmacy.  Another great tool to use is a humidifier.  This will keep the air in your home moist.  Most of the problem stems from changes in circulation due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.  This can cause the mucous membranes of your nose and nasal passageways to swell.  Another natural tip that you need to do anyway is to increase your fluid intake.       

       Section:  Things to do:
  • Get fitted for a new bra.
  • Make a baby budget.
  • Collect coupons.
  • Check out different stores for price comparisons.
  • Talk to your doctor about any changes in your body.


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