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Week #25 of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Week 23

By Christine Shiffler, edHelperBaby

  How is Your Baby Growing and Developing?
           Your baby is moving all the parts of her body.  You may be feeling pokes and kicks more and more by now.  The baby is practicing its breathing too by now.  The baby's getting plumper but is still wrinkled since it only weighs almost 1 pound.  On an ultrasound you will notice that the baby's face and body begin to take on the appearance of an infant at birth.


  What is happening to Your Body?
           The changes in your abdomen are progressing slowly, but you definitely have a round ball-like appearance now.  You may notice a vaginal discharge.  This will be constant during pregnancy.  Talk to your doctor if it develops into what you may think is an infection.  An increase in hormones and vaginal blood flow causes the discharge.  You can wear a lightweight panty liner or use personal wipes to help deal with the feelings of discomfort.


  Parent's Homework:
           How do you pick a name for your baby?       

       If you can't agree on what to name your baby you are not alone.  Many couples look up baby name finder on the Internet.  They take a baby name survey with friends and family.  Everyone looks up the hottest baby name trends.  We all play the name game when deciding on a name for our baby.  It is not an easy task to choose a name for your baby.       

  • Agree to choose names that you both like.
  • Go through names together.
  • Each of you can create a list of names you love and don't love.
  • If you can't decide on one name use one for the first name and one for the middle name.
  • You can number the names you both like (1- 31) and choose the number that corresponds to the date the baby is born.


  Personal Experience:
           My Husband and I went through a difficult time trying to pick out the name for our baby.   First we only picked out girls names and we were sure we would be having a girl.  Then we had to go through some genetic testing and found out the sex of our baby.  Ironically,   we are having a baby boy.  Well this posed another problem.  I came up with about 5,000 names or more and all of them my husband rejected.  When I would ask him to come up with a list of names he liked he couldn't.  He said he just didn't like any names and most of the names reminded him of people he didn't like.  We turned to the Internet and even to a list of names that were of our culture.  We searched and searched only to find nothing we could agree upon.  Finally, he decided that even though he doesn't like his own name that much we would use his name.  Now, our son who is yet to be born will be a third named after my husband and his father.  I like my husband's name and the idea of tradition.  We are both happy after a few months of searching for our baby's name.


  Are you feeling itchy?
           Itchiness is caused by extra hormones in your body.  All of the sudden you may feel like you have things crawling on you and when trying to get rest you become very itchy.  Itchy, dry and flaky skin is part of pregnancy, especially on your abdomen.  You can feel itchy on any part of your body even your feet and palms of your hands.  You need to avoid hot showers and long baths.  Also try to avoid the use of regular soaps as they can be very drying.  Take warm showers and use lots of lotions.  You should drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and try using a humidifier.


  Things to do:
  • Make a plan to choose your baby's name.
  • Keep your skin hydrated.


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