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Week #26 of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Week 26

By Christine Shiffler, edHelperBaby

  How is your baby growing and developing?
           Your baby is almost 2 pounds.  Your baby is very active at certain times of the day and other times he or she is asleep.  All your baby's five senses are now fully developed.  Your baby is now on their way to putting on some weight and filling out as he or she grows larger.       

        Section:  What is happening to your body?       

       Lying on your left side is best when providing the best circulation to your baby.  You may not experience as much swelling if you rest on your left side during the day.  You may notice that you are dreaming more.  You may not be the only one having dreams.  Your partner may also be having dreams.  Pregnancy dreams can be strong for a partner.  Dreams indicate experiences of fear, anxiety, and hope.       

       Section: Parent's Homework:        

       What Do Your Dreams Mean?       

       Keep a list of your dreams.  On one side of a piece of paper record your dream.  On the other side, record what it may mean.  Dreams that deal with your identity may be about your new role as a parent.  Some dreams may implicate ambivalence you may feel as to becoming a parent.  Dreams that cover situations, feeling or events that frighten you may be about being anxious or nervous over the unknown.  Recurrent dreams suggest that you may not be dealing with a situation.  If dreams progress into nightmares it may mean it is very important to you.  You will be the best judge and navigator into interpreting your dreams.  Charting them will allow you to share things unique to you with your partner.

       Discovery and examination may allow you to find common themes.       

       Section:  Personal Experience:       

       During or pregnancy we found we both had plenty of dreams.  I was filled with anxiety.  I soon found out that my partner was too.  Not until I started to track and write down my dreams did our conversations begin to pick up.  M partner was wondering what his dreams meant.  We would try to figure out why we dreamt of certain things at different times.  We were able to connect some of our dreams with certain people we were speaking to prior to dreaming and also linked other events.  It is interesting what you realize when you start investigations.  This is a great exercise to understanding yourself and your partner.       

       Section:  How to Baby Proof Your House       

       All of us know to cover the electrical outlets, but there are other potential dangers you need to recognize.  We have seen the cribs all made up with comforters, bumpers, and blankets.  Have you seen cribs in the nursery at a hospital?  The bumpers and the blankets are absent.  They can be potential hazards and up the risk of SIDS and suffocation.  A good choice to use instead of bumpers and blankets are swaddling wraps.  They keep the baby warm and snug as they also swaddle the baby.       

       When getting the nursery ready for your new baby think about furniture, throw rugs, toy storage, and baskets.  Make sure that any furniture or shelves that can tip over are secured with L-shaped brackets.  There are also straps that can be purchased.  Always think safety first.  Be proactive in creating a safe and fun environment.  Try to place toys in open spaces.  This is great for the baby to observe and explore when he or she is learning to focus and is getting to know his or her new environment.  If you are going to incorporate a throw rug to match your nursery, pick one with a nonskid backing.  This is great for the children and adults.  It will prevent slips and falls.  Do yourself a favor, if using any kind of baskets or bins to organize all the little things you need for the baby, don't pick wicker.  Wicker baskets can break off in small pieces.  Your baby can also pull-off wicker and then it may become a choking hazard.       

       If you have any pets, keep their dishes in an enclosed area.  Pet food is another choking hazard.  Windows are important to secure too.  You will need guards and be mindful that blind cords can be a strangulation hazard. Place and position all cords and windows out of your baby's reach.  Try to keep all houseplants out of reach.  Your baby could eat the plants or the dirt.       

       Baby proofing your house doesn't need to be overwhelming.  It is necessary, however, and being proactive will protect your child.  Always read all warning stickers, warning labels, and disclaimers.  A great way to see if you house is baby safe, is to get down on your hands and knees, crawl around yourself to see what your baby sees.  Once you know the potential dangers in your home, they are easy to fix.


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