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Week #36 of Pregnancy

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Your Pregnancy: Week 36

By Erin Horner, edHelperBaby

  Your Baby
           Your baby is now growing by about one ounce every day.  While this may not seem like significant growth, it averages out to approximately -1 pound per week for the rest of your pregnancy.  He currently weighs, on average, about 5 1/2 pounds and is a little more than 20 inches long.  Now that your baby has taken up every seemingly available space in your womb, you will probably feel baby punch and kick more than you will feel him or her move his whole body throughout the womb.  Enjoy these precious movements in the next few weeks, for soon you'll have to share your little one with the rest of the world...but for now she is just yours!


Your Body
           Congratulations!  You have made it to the home stretch of this miraculous journey!  You may notice a greater and more frequent need to use the restroom, due to baby's position and pressure upon your bladder.  You might also notice that the once seemingly simple task of walking can now be a bit uncomfortable.  Take heart, the discomfort that you are feeling is probably due to your baby having dropped into the birth canal and the softening or separation of your pelvic bone as your body continues to prepare itself to bring this beautiful child into the world!  Please note, however, if you are experiencing extreme pain while walking, or at any other time, a phone call to your Obstetrician is in order.


  You're Wondering. . .
           "I am so tired and should be out like a light when I go to bed.  Instead, I am having a hard time sleeping.  How can I get better rest?"

       We all know that sleep at any stage of life is really important!  Without enough we feel not only exhausted, but irritable, unfocused, unproductive and just plain out of whack.  But how can you and your changing body get a good night's rest?  Try some of these tips and you might just find yourself "sleeping like a baby" . . . or at least more like you used to before you were busy growing one!
  • Eat early.  Try to eat your dinner at least 2-3 hours before lying down for the evening.  This way, your body will have had more time to digest your food and you might not be kept awake by heartburn or indigestion.
  • Limit liquids.  While it is very important to be drinking plenty of water during your pregnancy, try to limit your liquid intake approximately 2 hours before bedtime.  This may help curb at least some of your frequent trips to the restroom.
  • Cuddle with something cozy.  Since it is no longer safe to sleep on your back, you may be having a difficult time finding a comfortable sleeping position.  Try a full body pillow that you can wrap your legs around, providing much needed support for your aching belly and back.


  Your "To-Do" List
           Here are a few things to try and do this week as you anticipate your child's upcoming birth:
  1. Go Grocery Shopping.  Stock up on the basic necessities that your family uses on a regular basis, and if possible, purchase a one month supply of each item.  Having a well stocked pantry might not seem like a big deal right now, but once baby is born it will be a blessing to not have to pack the whole family into the car for a trip to the store when all you need is jelly!
  2. Stock the Freezer.  If you enjoy cooking, this week is a great time to make and freeze some meals that can easily be baked once baby has arrived.  If you prefer, look for some convenient frozen options at the store and stock up.
  3. Buy Bras or Bottles:  If you are planning to nurse your baby, now is the time to go bra shopping.  Be sure to find one that feels comfortable in both the front and back.  If you are going to be using formula, purchase your bottles.


Your Homework: Preparing For Parenthood
           Plan a trip to your local library this week and look over their selection of children's music.  Look for lullabies, classical music arranged specifically for infants, and nursery rhymes.  You might even find some of your favorite songs, by your favorite artists, in special arrangements just for your little one's ears!  Check out a few different CD's and listen to them throughout the week.  Listen to one in the car, and as you peek in the rear view mirror remember that while your back seat is empty now, it won't be for much longer!  This activity will help to familiarize you with the different sounds that will be appealing to your child as well as introduce you to some of the endless musical selections arranged just for kids.


  My Experience
           I had so much fun with this activity!  When I arrived at the library I found that there are not only some great children's CD's still available that I remember from my own childhood (those brought back great memories!), but also several brand new children's musical groups that they don't play on my favorite radio station (go-figure!).  After selecting several titles I headed home.  One of my selected CD's was full of classical music arranged specifically for infants.  While playing this one in the car, I loved the idea that I will be able to expose my child to some of the "classics" of classical music, without the startling musical crescendos that I am used to in the original scores.  Let's be honest, what good is a beautiful CD if  a sudden clash of cymbals wakes that sweet baby that you just got to go to sleep!  At home I popped a different disc into my CD player and couldn't help but smile as the up-beat music and silly rhymes filled my living room.  My kids and I had a great time dancing around the house making up silly motions to go along with the lyrics.  This music helped us to make a memory, and I hope that it will help you to make some too!


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