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Infant - Week #11

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An 11-Week-Old At A Glance

By Amy Salatino, edHelperBaby

  Crying for Attention!
           You've most likely heard your little one cry here and there from the moment he was born.  Your infant was usually crying because he was hungry, wet, or uncomfortable.  Watch out now...your little one has figured out that if he cries, you'll come running.  It's wonderful to be needed and wanted, but it's okay for your baby to cry for a little bit of time and figure out how to self soothe as well.


  Hands and Fingers
           Your little one found his hands a few weeks ago, but his fascination with this marvelous extremity continues to grow this week.  He may constantly watch it and try to get it in his mouth.  The drool can be a bit much, but it's a great form of self soothing so don't discourage it.


  Smiles and Giggles and Squeals, Oh My!
           Your baby has probably been smiling for some time now.  As the weeks go on, those fleeting smiles that you had to work so hard for are a thing of the past.  Your baby is smiling all over the place now.  In addition to simple smiles, you are probably reveling in your baby's giggles and squeals.  There's nothing better than seeing your baby's whole body from the top of his head to the tips of his toes light up when he sees you coming.


  Getting Stronger Day By Day!
           Your baby's neck muscles are continuing to develop and get stronger.  During this eleventh week, your baby can probably hold his head up by himself for a few seconds in a sitting position.  He may also be able to get his chest and part of his tummy off the ground for a few moments.  Continue with tummy time to encourage this ever important development!


  DO try this at home!
           As your little one gets stronger and stronger, he is much more fun to play with and interact with.  Often times, what you consider simple playtime is truly helping his development.  As your baby's neck muscles continue to develop, work some "exercise" into your baby's playtime.  Lay him on his back in front of you on the floor.  Gently hold onto his hands and forearms and pull him into a sitting position.  He should be able to hold his head steady for a few moments.  When his head starts to get heavy, lay him back down and give him a rest before you try again.  This is a great way to interact with your baby and develop those muscles at the same time!  Keep in mind that all babies develop differently: some babies may be able to hold up their heads for quite a while, and others may only be able to do it for a short time.  It doesn't matter how long your baby can do it ; what matters is that you are in tune to his ability so that you don't work him too hard!


  Working Out With Max
           I decided to try these exercises with Max one evening after his bath.  I laid my little chunker on the floor in between my open legs and, gently grasping his hands and forearms, pulled Max into a sitting position.  He seemed really shocked at first, unsure of what to do with himself.  Then he figured out that he had to steady his head and he did.  He held up for a minute or so and then his head started to wobble.  I laid him down for a rest and a few minutes later tried again.  The first few times he was able to go a bit longer each time.  Then, as he got tired, his head was like a brick and he just couldn't hold it up.  Overall, Max seemed to enjoy this activity.  We made a game out of it with me making silly noises as I pulled him up and laid him down again.  I tried this multiple times with Max throughout the week, and he seemed to take pleasure in it each time.  Learn from my mistake, though, and don't try this after feeding times...


  That's Questionable!
           Q -Do you use sunscreen on your infant?       

       With a baby's skin being so sensitive, you have to be really careful about exposing him to the sun.  Ideally, you don't take an infant out in too hot of weather, but with three other kids and lots of beautiful days, we have to get out.  I try like crazy to keep Max out of the sun when we are out.  I don't like to use sunscreen but will apply it if and when I have to.  When I do use sunscreen, I don't apply it to his face; I use a hat instead.  I definitely avoid his hands and lower arms because they end up in his mouth A LOT!  I do liberally apply it to his legs and feet.  Even though I have lotion on him as a precaution,  I try to keep him in his car seat with the sun shade up, and if at all possible, I try to keep him in a cool shady place!


When Mommy and Daddy Love Each Other Very Much!
By Trisha Fusco-Dennis, edHelperBaby

           We all know what happens. Couples have a baby and then they never have time for each other again! It is so important to connect with your partner on an emotional level, even if the physical is not possible for so many reasons. Sometimes, something as simple as an unexpected "I love you" in a text message reminds your partner how much you care! Do not be afraid and take the time to show your affection openly, even in front of the kids. It brings the whole family closer, especially at this crazy, stressful, wonderful time.


Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Sleep?
By Trisha Fusco-Dennis, About my child Julia

           I thought this was the age where baby should be getting more alert during the day?  Julia seems to sleep all the time!  She sleeps beautifully at night so she does not have her days and nights mixed up.  I think she is just trying to catch up and growing as much as she can.  I just want her to be awake more so I can see that smile!


     Is sunscreen safe for infants?

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