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Infant - Week #19

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A 19-Week-Old At A Glance

By Amy Salatino, edHelperBaby

  Are You Sleeping?
           Sleep continues to be an important part of your baby's day.  At this age, she should be getting fourteen hours of sleep a day.  How she gets it varies from baby to baby.  Most babies at this age should be sleeping through the night for about an 8-10 hour stretch.  Nap schedules vary; some babies take four or five 1-hour catnaps; others take two long naps.  Much of this depends on you and your routine.  All in all, as long as it works for you and your baby is getting the recommended allotment of sleep, then all is well!


  I Like THAT One!
           While your baby is obviously way too young to tell you verbally what she wants, she definitely has preferences.  This is not only the case with people but with toys and foods as well.  Be attuned to her facial expressions and mannerisms and see if you can figure out which toys and foods are favorites and which are not.


  A Broken Record?
           As your baby becomes more familiar with her vocal chords and how they work, she may get stuck on a sound.  She may be stuck because she truly loves the sound, or it may be that she can't remember how to do others.  This may drive you crazy, but remember that this is the road to talking and every step is important!


  Item of the Week:  Links
           Your little one is naturally curious about the things around her.  Now that she has developed her hand eye coordination, she is grabbing at everything.  Surround her with toys that she has a chance of holding onto, and find a toy that saves you the time and energy needed to pick it up as she drops it over and over again.  The perfect toy...LINKS!  Links are those colorful rings that are easy for a baby to hang onto and that hook together to become any length.  Even better-- they hook onto stationary items as well.  Hang links on your car seat, on your saucer, in a crib or pack and play, anywhere that your infant spends a lot of time.  You'll find that she loves grabbing them, getting them, and jamming them in her mouth!


  DO Try This at Home!
           Your baby is developing rapidly both physically and mentally.  Help her develop both these systems at once by doing baby sit-ups and counting out loud with her.  Her neck muscles have grown strong enough that you can lay her on her back, hold onto her wrists and arms, and pull her up.  She's aware enough now to anticipate where you are going as you begin to pull her up and will help you by lifting her head and trying to lean forward.  What a great way to strengthen those muscles.  Repeat these "baby sit-ups" over and over again, counting as you go.  Try using silly voices as you count and see what kind of reactions you get.  By doing this activity, you are working both sides of your baby's brain and helping her to develop simply by playing with her.


  Baby Sit-ups With Max
           Max, like any baby, loves to be the center of attention, so I knew without a doubt that he was going to love this activity.  I laid Max on the floor in between my legs and grabbed his wrists (up to his elbows) in my hands.  Before I could even begin to pull him up, he started to lift his head off the ground.  I knew that this was going to happen and was still so thrilled and pleased to see him do it!  As I pulled him up and put him down, I counted to five.  After I did one set of five in a normal voice, I tried again varying my voice.  I did a squeaky voice, a whisper voice, a shaky voice, and a deep voice.  Max made different faces with each voice, but his favorite by far was the whisper voice.  He kind of leaned in to listen and kind of furrowed his brow like I was crazy!  What fun we had. Do try this at home!


  That's Questionable!
           Q -  What is your baby's favorite time of day?       

       Max is an incredibly happy baby (I know, everyone says this, but of my four he is by far the happiest).  He is one of those kids that you simply glance at and he breaks into smiles and, lately, full-out belly laughs.  Do more than look at him and he'll have you rolling on the floor laughing with the reactions you get.  So to pick a favorite time of day for him could be hard, but there is one standout!  BATH TIME!  He adores baths.  He has a great bath seat that reminds me of a waterproof bouncy seat (I love it because it folds up nice and small when not in use).  He would sit in the tub for hours if I let him.  As I lower him into the warm water, I can almost feel his little body relax, and sighs of contentment often escape.  As I clean him, I make a big point of narrating everything that I am doing, and his eyes follow everything that I am saying.  He loves to watch as I pour water from a cup into the water, and he enjoys splashing around with his arms and legs.  Bath time is hands down his favorite part of the day: warm water, someone washing him, great smells, a nice warm towel...can you blame him?


     What Do I Do If My Child Has A Fever?

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