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Infant - Week #26

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A 26-Week-Old At A Glance

By Amy Salatino, edHelperBaby

  Rocking And Rolling
           Your six-month-old has spent many hours these last six months on his tummy.  Because of those hours, his stomach and neck muscles have developed, and he has figured out how to maneuver himself around.  He may be rolling both from front to back and back to front by now.  He may even be scooching around on his tummy...get ready to add a new one to the list.  The rock - your baby may get up on all fours and start rocking back and forth.  This is fun to watch, but don't be surprised if a few bruised foreheads come out of this when he loses his balance and falls forward on the wood or tile floor.  It's rough to watch, but it's all part of growing up!


  Well Baby Check Up Again!
           Can you believe that six months are gone and you are halfway to your baby's first birthday?  It's true what they say: time flies when you're having fun!  It's time to schedule your baby's six month well visit.  Expect a barrage of questions and most likely some more immunizations.  Go in prepared with answers to developmental questions and a list of questions for your doctor if you have them.  Don't feel rushed by or intrusive to those with sick kids. These well visits are equally important.


  Splish Splash
           Bath time is probably one of your baby's favorite times of the day.  If he hasn't already, he is probably very close to outgrowing his infant bath seat.  Visit the bath aisle of your local baby store and you'll find that you have all kinds of options ranging from sit up seats, blow ups seats, and an array of other items to make bath time more convenient.  Always remember that even a minute alone is too much during bath time and to always be within reach of your baby during bath time.


  Item Of The Week - Biter Biscuits
           Your baby very likely has the ability to switch items from one hand to the other.  Your baby very likely loves to put stuff in her mouth.  Your baby very likely is interested in tastes and textures of food.  It's the perfect time to hit the baby food aisle and stock up on some kind of baby biscuits.  There is a variety out there. Buy a few and see what you have success with!  Make sure that you stay close while your baby is eating!


  DO Try This At Home!
           Is it fair to call eating an activity?  It is when it involves developing fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and transference of objects.  It may seem early, but it's not too soon to start experimenting with a few finger foods.  It's unlikely that your baby is going to be skilled enough to transfer much of the food into his mouth right now, but it is great practice for these skills that are so important to his development and that can take a little pressure off you during feeding time.  Start with foods that "melt" like Cheerios or Gerber's puffs or soft veggies like canned green beans that can be cut really small.  Place a handful on the tray and let the fun begin.       

       Go into this expecting the majority of the food to end up on the floor and make sure that you stay close by to see how your baby does when he does get some food in his mouth.  Prepare yourself for the variety of emotions that comes with this activity.  It's one of those instances where you have mixed feelings...you want so bad for that pincher grasp to work and for your baby who is working so hard to have success and to get something into his mouth - even if it's just one little bite. Yet, at the same time you are almost relieved when nothing gets in because you are worried about him choking on it if he does succeed.  He's ready; give it a try and don't forget to document it all on video!


  Finger Foods
           Finger foods are my favorite feeding stage.  I know it's hard to believe because of the mess that generally goes with it, but I love watching my babies work so hard at something that has such a great reward at the end - food!  I was excited to try this with Max and did so with a can of green beans.  I love starting with green beans because it's one of the vegetables that my other kids eat regularly, so it's accessible, and canned green beans have a little firmness to them but still mash up really easy in the mouth.       

       I was ready; Max was ready; we got out the video camera and gave it a shot.  I put Max in his booster, snapped the tray on, and put a small handful of chopped up teeny tiny green beans on his tray.  Instantly, he reached for them and started mushing them around and knocked a number of them onto the floor and onto himself.  Then he got a handful and struggled for about five minutes with getting it from his closed fist into his mouth.  In the end he got a few in and then mushed them around in his mouth for a few minutes before he figured out to swallow them.  I can't say that he got them in his mouth in the most conventional of ways; he kind of sucked them through the opening of his fist but not bad for a first time!  Practice makes perfect, and he'll get plenty of practice eating at this house.  Added bonus - I got to eat an entire meal without him needing anything, so while he may not have eaten so many of those beans - he was certainly entertained by them.  Do try this at home. The laughs and satisfaction definitely outweigh the mess!


  That's Questionable!
           Q -   It's inevitable when you have a baby--you go out and the onslaught of questions starts.  I always love hearing other people's answers to these same questions so that I have a comparison!  I thought it would be fun to answer a bunch of questions about Max all at once this week!       

       Weight?  18 lbs 3 ounces

       Length?  26.25 inches    Yep...he's short and fat!

       What size diaper?  3

       How much does he drink in a feeding?  I make six ounces every 3-4 hours; he rarely drains it.  He also gets baby food in the morning and evening.

       Does he take naps?  Two - 2 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon.

       What time does he go down at night? 6:15

       Wake up in the morning? 5:15

       Favorite toy?  Anything he can jam in his mouth!

       Is he verbal?  He makes a lot of noises, babbles, coos, and laughs.  That qualifies verbal in my book.

       Can he transfer items from one hand to another?  Yes.

       Is he rolling?  Yes, both ways, although from back to front is easier for him.

       Crawling?  No, but he is doing the rocking thing.

       Sitting?  No.       

       And then my favorite question.  Everyone always asks this, and I think it's so funny because truly who's going to say no? Is he a good baby?  Of course he is.  Or at least I think so!


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