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Infant - Week #28

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A 28-Week-Old At A Glance

By Amy Salatino, edHelperBaby

  Change it up!
           You thought this was going to be a section about diapers, didn't you?  Nope, I'm sure you are already doing that.  Think positions instead.  Now that your baby is so happy to be on the floor, it's easy to plop her down and let her roll around.  Change it up from time to time and give her time sitting, by herself if she can do it or assisted, with a bumbo or a lap to lean on.  It's still okay to put her in a saucer, walker, or jumperoo - just check the height of the seat so that she isn't flat footed for too long.  The more exposure she has to different positions the more successful she will be with walking and crawling.


  Predictable, But Still Hilarious!
           Your baby is a creature of habit, and not only does she love predictability but it entertains her as well.  Invest in a predictable toy like a Jack in the Box and you can entertain your baby for hours.  Or go the cheap route and just play peek-a-boo.  She knows that something's going to pop out, yet every time she explodes into giggles.  This is so much fun to watch and even funnier when your three-year-old laughs every time, too!


  Sip, Sip, Sipping!
           Your baby's fine motor development continues  at a quick rate.  It's not too early to start her on a sippy cup.  There are so many different ones to choose from.  Fill it with water and put it on her high chair tray.  For the next few weeks or maybe even months she'll simply play with it and try to get it in her mouth because that's where everything goes.  One day she'll hit the jackpot when she realizes something comes out of it!  Hopefully, you'll have the camera on this day.  If she is getting it in her mouth and having a hard time sucking, it's okay to cheat a bit and take the valve out!


  Item Of The week:  Finger Foods
           Keep working on those fine motor skills and get her fed all at the same time.  Stock your house with a few different varieties of finger foods that your baby could experiment with.  Try soft fruits and vegetables like canned peas, green beans, or watermelon.  Cut it really tiny and watch her go.  Cheerios, puffs, and super tiny noodles work well, too!  Have fun with this but stay nearby and make sure that she is doing okay with the swallowing part!


  Do Try This At Home - Update On Sign Language.
           A few weeks ago I introduced Max to baby sign language.  Because of his ever developing motor skills as well as his progressing cognitive skills, I thought it would be a great time to give Max a way to "communicate" with me.  I did a little research and found that consistency and persistence were going to be key. I also read article after article that emphasized that this is an activity that takes weeks and months and to not expect success over night.  I still decided that it was worth the effort!  It's slow going, but I haven't given up yet!


  Signing With Max Part 2
           I was hoping to come back in a few weeks and write this update and have Max fluent with at least his three signs that I began with: more, milk, and all done.  Sadly, there is nothing fluent about Max's ability to sign - what did I expect, right?  He's a baby and it's only been a few weeks.  Yes, that's me bolstering my own self confidence because I almost quit.  But then I had a breakthrough of my own.       

       I had been saturating Max with three different signs for the last three weeks.  Every time we ate, every time we drank, every time we played a game, I signed my little head off.  He giggled as I did my signs and still does, but other than shaking his own arms, there was no interest in mimicking me whatsoever.  After about three weeks of this, my husband laughed at me and told me to throw in the towel.  NOT YET!!  I did some more research, and then the light bulb went on.  Of course, I was giving him too much at one time.  He isn't going to have three words all at one time; he'll have one  Why not start with one sign?  I narrowed it down to "more" because I like that it works with food and games and lots of situations.  I stopped all the rest of it and went to just signing "more" when it was appropriate.  I did this for five days - on the fifth day, he started doing it.       

       Don't get too excited., It didn't look like my "more" sign.  He didn't do it at the right time, but I am telling you--he did it.  The problem is that he does it all the time.  Now that I have the basic motion in place we will focus on meaning and then we will introduce some more signs.  Sounds like my two-parter column just turned into a three-parter.  For those of you who started on this journey with me, let's not give up.  Let's keep plugging along.  For those of you who haven't yet started, do try this at home; it just might work!


  That's Questionable
           Q - What have you done to babyproof your house?       

       There are so many great contraptions out there to make babyproofing your house easy.  The question is how necessary are they?  It's another pretty subjective question.  Everyone thinks differently and you have to do what makes you and your baby feel safe and comfortable.       

       With my first baby we did some pretty basic babyproofing and then had to add as the years went on.  My oldest was pretty mild (still is) and all we really did for her was outlet plugs in all of the outlets, a gate at the top of the stairs, and bed rails when she went into a big girl bed at fifteen months old.  We also replaced our glass coffee table with an ottoman after she fell into it one too many times.  All in all, we didn't have to do a whole lot.       

       Then came my second daughter.  She was a whole new ballgame (and still is)!  With her we needed a gate at the top of the stairs, the bottom of the stairs, and in her bedroom doorway.  Yes - you read that right-- three gates for one little girl!  She was a climber and anything that you said no to held that much more appeal to her.  We also had to change door handles.  We had the kind that you simply pulled down and leaned on and the door opened.  We now have knobs that are a lot harder to turn!  We had to do latches on a few drawers in the kitchen - we were blessed; our cabinets have that magnetic pull on them that none of the kids have been strong enough to open.  She found a few drawers that she loved to play in which could have been fine.  I could have just changed what was in there and made that safe, but I got really tired of putting everything back in twelve million times a day - so the latches went on.       

       That did it for her, and luckily, it sufficed for my third as well.  Time will tell with Max, and hopefully we won't have to break the bank adding to our already in place safety proofing!  You know your baby; spend some time in the babyproofing aisle and see what you think you need!  Happy babyproofing!


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