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Infant - Week #28

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Newborn Week Twenty-Eight

By Angela Sawinski, edHelperBaby

Handy Man
           You've got to hand it to your baby - his hand control is definitely improving. You may see him rake objects toward himself and try to pick them up. Most five-month-olds grasp an object for just a short while and then drop it. Yours will spend a long time doing this over and over if you play along by picking up the objects and handing them back.  Indulging him in this game is also teaching a basic lesson in cause-and-effect - one he'll learn well, accompanied by uproarious giggles, before long.


           A baby needs loads of energy to fuel his growing body. If she were your size, she'd require twice as many calories per day as you do.


Q - When Do Babies Master A Spoon?
           Learning to hold and manipulate a spoon is a fine motor skill that your baby develops gradually, along with mastering the use of his hands. Most babies don't have it down pat until about fifteen months. Even a one-year-old may still hit himself in the head or eye with his spoon. He may be more accurate with his aim when the spoon is empty, but the movement of getting food on it and getting it to his mouth takes more skill. Help your baby practice by giving him a sturdy spoon with a solid handle that he can manipulate easily, and if you've started offering solid foods, give him tempting choices that he's motivated to get into his mouth.


           Your child will more than likely have his fair share of illnesses in his life. One of the more common illnesses will be colds. Call the doctor if he:
  • Is less than three months old
  • Is wheezing
  • Is breathing more rapidly than usual or looks like it is harder to breathe
  • Has streaks of blood in his mucus
  • Is running a fever of 101 degrees or higher
  • Has chronic illness

       It is not recommended that you give your baby cough medicine. Even if you think it's just another cold, ask the doctor before giving your baby an over-the-counter suppressant, expectorant, decongestant, or antihistamine.       

       Most doctors discourage the use of these over-the-counter medications for a young baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) cautions parents never to use these products for children under the age of three without a prescription from the child's doctor. And in August 2007, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an advisory warning that children under the age of two should never be given cold medicine unless a doctor advises it.       

       Because of concern among experts that nonprescription children's cough and cold remedies may be both ineffective and potentially dangerous for children under the age of six, the government is now reviewing these medications. (Many received FDA approval years ago, when standards were lower than they are today.)


Try This!
           Sit on a comfortable chair with your legs crossed. Sit the baby on your legs and grasp him under his arms. Move your legs up and down and recite this rhyme:

       "Bouncy, bouncy baby. Bouncy, bouncy baby. Up and down, up and down. Bouncy, bouncy baby. Hippety hop, bippety bop. Bouncy, bouncy BOOM!" When you say BOOM, lift the baby up and give him a hug. Repeat this rhyme using different voices, speeds, and rhythm to the bouncing of your legs.


Dayvian's Experience
           I played this game with Dayvian after he woke up from his afternoon nap. I sat in my recliner and placed him on my lap facing me. When I began to bounce him on my legs, he immediately started laughing. The first time through, I kept my legs bouncing at a slow and steady speed. Each subsequent time, I increased the speed of the whole game. Dayvian continued to laugh and giggle the whole time. He really seemed to enjoy it. The game doubled as a nice workout for me. My thigh muscles were sore for a while afterwards, so I know that I worked them well. Dayvian and I played this game for fifteen minutes.


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