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Infant - Week #29

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A 29-Week-Old At A Glance

By Amy Salatino, edHelperBaby

  Sitting Pretty
           Not only is your baby sitting for longer periods of time but she has the strength and ability to twist her trunk from side to side.  This keeps her balanced and allows her to play in this position longer.  Continue to encourage as much independent play time as you can!


  No, No, No!
           Do you feel like a broken record yet?  Your baby may begin to be developing habits that grate on your nerves.  Think pulling your hair or jewelry, dropping toys over and over again, or wriggling around during diaper changes.  You can tell your baby "no" till you're blue in the face and still not get much of a response.  Part of the problem is that she may be responding to the feedback, even if it is negative.  It's also possible that she simply doesn't remember.  Most likely she hasn't figured out what you want from her, but don't get too hopeful. Even when she does figure it out, it doesn't necessarily mean it will stop.  It is important to be firm and consistent,  Eventually, you will get your point across, and your little one will learn to listen!


  Mobiles No More
           Your baby is sitting and soon may start pulling herself up in her crib.  Always be thinking about safety; now is a great time to check the length of your baby's mobile and make sure that she can't reach it or get ensnared in it.  You may find she doesn't even need it anymore, and it could even come down.  Entertain her with some new age-appropriate crib toys that you could find at your local baby store!


  Item Of The week:  Receiving Blankets
           How could this be the item of the week at 7 months?  Well...we aren't using them for receiving any more.  Bring a receiving blanket with you everywhere you go to start up a rousing game of peekaboo with your baby.  Instead of you being the peeker this time around, let her be under the blanket, peeking out at you.  The joy you'll feel when she figures it out on her own for the first time and hides herself will be a new kind of pride!  Have fun with those receiving blankets before you have to put them away for good!


  Do Try This At Home - Sorting Toys
           Your baby is developing cognitively at a rapid speed and may recently have figured out that certain toys belong together.  This is a great time to pull out toys that have a few parts and encourage your baby to put them together.  Think about those buckets that have little balls that go inside.  Sit with your baby and help her by putting your hand over her hand, picking up one piece at a time, and dropping it in the bucket.  After each piece, really lay the positive reinforcement and encouragement on thick before you move on and do another one.  Do this over and over again for a week or so and your baby will start to do it on her own.  Start with one specific toy and introduce others as you go along.  You will have the most success if you use toys that are easy for your baby to grasp and pleasing to her senses!


Sorting With Max!
           We have toys like these all over my house. Unfortunately, with Max being the fourth kid, finding all the pieces becomes half the battle!  The pieces are all there; it's just a question of which toy box they have fallen to the bottom of.  I did my prep work and gathered a few of these toys and got ready to give this a try with Max.  The toy that I chose was a lights and sounds toy that looked like a fish bowl and it had three balls (or that's how many I found at least) that you drop into it.  Every time a ball gets dropped into the fishbowl, the baby is positively rewarded with lights and sounds and a great clunking noise!  I set Max up on the floor sitting between my legs with the fishbowl right to the right and the balls in between his legs.  I got him to pick up the ball--no problem, and as expected, it went right to his mouth.  Getting him to let it go and drop it into the bucket was a new challenge.  The first time I held his arm over the bowl and shook it a little, the ball fell out - Max didn't hear the lights and sounds or the clunking sound or my positive reinforcement.  All that was drowned out by the high pitched angry scream that he let out  He knew that he wanted that ball in his mouth, and I ruined that for him - needless to say he wasn't happy.  Life's rough, kid...so, we tried again.  This time I let him suck on it a minute longer and tried again.  He didn't cry, but he wasn't excited about it.  I would describe him as an unwilling participant.  He went along with it because he figured out he had no choice, but he was less than thrilled.  We did this about ten times with me standing on my head with excitement each time and him just looking utterly bored.       

       The next day we tried again and had a little progress.  He giggled when the ball hit the bottom of the fishbowl.  That made me happy; at least I didn't feel like I was torturing him!  He continued to laugh each time but didn't initiate putting the ball in the bowl himself.  He did pick them up but didn't get the drop it in the bowl thing.       

       The next night, more of the same - happy to play with the balls and laugh at the noises but no interest in putting it in himself.  We went for a week and are still going, but at this point he's not quite putting it in.  No worries- when he's ready, he'll drop the silly ball in the silly bowl, and I'll get excited for him. Until then, he can keep on being happy just exploring them!


  That's Questionable
           Q - What kinds of things does your baby do that drive you crazy?       

       Some of you are reading this, thinking nice mother - her baby drives her crazy.  But come on- we all can think of little idiosyncrasies or habits that our babies display that make us a little bit nuts!       

       My biggest with Max is when I am feeding him and he has just taken a big bite of food and then sticks his hands in his mouth!  Ahhh...Max, I'm trying to feed you and now you have food all over your hand which will end up all over your hair and all over everything.  Drives me crazy every time, and I think he knows it because then he laughs and all the food that didn't already come out on his hands dribbles down his face and gets stuck in that hard to clean spot under his fat little chin!       

       The hair pulling is another one that irks me along with hanging on to my necklace for dear life every time I go to lay him down.       

       See, now you're nodding along with me thinking oohhh, I hate that too!  They all have them. Think about what some of yours are and jot them down in your baby's baby book.  As annoying as those little habits are, they are really silly little things that are far outweighed by all the millions of great things that your baby does in the span of one day!


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