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Infant - Week #34

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Pregnancy Week 34

By Christine Shiffler, edHelperBaby

How Is Your Baby Growing and Developing?
           Your baby is between 15 1/2 to 17 1/2 inches long and weighs around 5 1/2 pounds.  Every pregnancy is different and length and weight of the baby varies from person to person.  Your baby's body is getting fatter which will help the baby in regulating body temperature and adjusting to life outside your womb. Most of the baby's organs are mature by now except for the lungs, they are still practicing breathing.  Your baby is now learning to blink his or her eyes.  You may even notice that the baby has strong reactions to your voice or your partners' voice at this stage in your pregnancy.


What is Happening to Your Body?
           You probably are starting to feel short of breath during this stage of your pregnancy due to the growing size of the uterus and the shifts of organs in your body.  In a few weeks this pressure will reduce gradually.  Some women do not experience any pressure on their lungs and have no trouble with their breathing.  Your feet may change or grow during pregnancy.  This can occur as your baby grows and you add those pregnancy pounds.  You may be starting to feel anxious about the events to come.  Many women experience emotional swings from high to low during pregnancy.  Remember all these things are only temporary and things will eventually return to normal.


Parent's Homework
           Using Technology?       

       As parents, we take countless pictures of our children.  Unfortunately, taking many photos can get expensive and frustrating.  Thankfully, today's parents have technology on their side.  Digital cameras are an ideal way for amateur photographers to get good pictures of their kids.  These cameras make it possible to take many photos without having to develop all of them.  You can even fix flawed pictures. It is even possible to take elements out that you don't want in the picture.  You can change backgrounds or make things disappear from your pictures.  You can use the zoom feature to get in close on the face to take nice portraits too.       

       Once you decide on a digital camera that you both feel comfortable using, you will need to start planning.  Planning is another key to taking pictures of your baby.  Professional photography props are usually expensive.  Here are some ideas on how to prepare and cut your photography costs.  Your partner and you can start now to collect props.  You can go to different low priced stores and purchase things out of season for different holidays.   You can also purchase bubbles, wicker chair, and mirrors for reflections.  Once you start looking for things, great ideas will come to you and your partner.  There are ways to find great props without spending a fortune.  You will want to make your baby's pictures memorable.  With a little planning, taking great photographs of your baby can be easier than ever.


Personal Experience
           My husband and I did not own a digital camera before we had our son.  As a matter of fact, I was trying to figure out the camera we bought on the way to the hospital to give birth.  Digital cameras are easy to use.  We did have to read the booklet that comes with the camera to figure out special features.  The camera that we decided to purchase also came with a printing dock.  I simply place the camera on the dock and I can instantly print pictures at home.  I like this feature because I don't have to wait to get the pictures developed.  The quality of the pictures is terrific.  I do recommend buying a digital camera with the dock for printing.  I did most of the shopping for props. I shopped at a lot of discount stores, dollar stores, and craft stores looking for all types of things. I also carried a calendar to remind myself which holiday I had already bought items for and which ones still needed things.   My husband came with me a few times.  He was able to do most of his shopping online.  He went to different costume websites and found cute hats and things like a bow and arrow for Valentine's Day.  We are trying to go for the cupid idea for this year's photograph.  My son is only five months old.  Our first Christmas pictures turned out really nice.  I did take him to see Santa and have his picture taken. However, most people loved the pictures we took at home better.   I placed my son by the Christmas tree, in a small chair with support, wearing a cute Christmas outfit and hat.  I draped gold cloth over the chair and placed big red ribbons on either side of the chair.  I also placed some presents in the picture.  Once you start taking pictures you come up with great ideas.  This is another one of those trial and error things.  Keep taking photographs until you get what you want.


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