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Infant - Week #35

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A 35-Week-Old At A Glance

By Amy Salatino, edHelperBaby

Distractible During Feedings
           It doesn't surprise you anymore when your baby sees you walk in the room with a bottle and very likely starts smiling, laughing, reaching, and even kicking his fat little legs.  You get it; he's excited to eat.  So why is it that you start to feed him and he lasts a few minutes and then seems uninterested in the bottle.  Your baby really does want that bottle, but there is so much extra stimulation going on around him that he can't concentrate on it and is plain and simply distracted.  There are times when it doesn't matter so much if he drinks the bottle or not, but for those nighttime feedings that are crucial to him sleeping through the nights or other important feedings that you simply can't miss, try to find a quiet place or talk softly to your baby to keep his focus on you while he eats.  This might help to muffle the stimulus and let him concentrate on the bottle.  There will be times when you can't get him to concentrate, and you'll just have to cut your losses and suffer the consequences!


  Showing Affection
           Your baby is at an age where he is capable of showing you affection.  What a great age, right?  He is capable of hugging and snuggling and even giving kisses and hugs.  Kisses and hugs and even the snuggling are something that should be encouraged and even taught!  Nothing's better than when you tell your baby to give you a kiss and he really gets it.  Be warned, though, that first kiss is going to be wet and drooly and most likely open mouthed.  I promise it'll be a kiss you NEVER forget!


  Empathy In Infants?
           Your baby is very attuned to the world going on around him and especially to the happenings of the people who are important to him.  He will tune into your emotions and is capable of imitating your feelings and feeling bad for you when you are angry or upset.  It's okay for your baby to see you upset, but as things settle down, soothe your baby and let him know that all is well, especially between the two of you!


  Dangers On Wheels
           Your baby may be pulling himself up now, and if he isn't, it's just around the corner.  In addition to pulling things down on himself, you also need to scour your house for dangerous items that are on wheels that he could push on and go tumbling down with.  Look for ottomans or stools or even rocking chairs that could cause your baby to lose his balance and fall.


  Do Try This At Home - Take A Touch Tour
           You know your house like the back of your hand; why not give your baby a chance to learn more about it as well -- literally.  At this stage in your baby's development, it is so important to stimulate all of your baby's sensory motor skills.  Take your baby on a tour of your house and point out, by naming them, all of the objects that are around you.  That in itself will be fun and a great way to begin to further your baby's vocabulary, but take it a step further and let him feel all of the objects that you point out.  Your house, if it's anything like mine, is filled with a virtually endless supply of visually and tactilely interesting objects.  Let your baby touch them and enjoy the different textures all around him.  Continue to narrate as you go, explaining what he feels so that he has words for his emotions.  Of course, he won't use the words anytime soon, but the more exposure the better!


Max's Touch Tour
           To do this with Max I waited to have the house to myself, so we did this on a Saturday morning when the rest of the kids were at dance class.  I decided that instead of taking the time to clean up the clutter that was all around us, we would explore it instead.  We started on the floor, which was where Max was lying.  I lay down with him and immediately saw a pink tutu that the girls dumped out of the dress-up bin.  I picked Max up and brought him to the tutu and told him what it was.  Then I let him feel its kind of rough texture; I gently rubbed it against his cheek.  Max didn't really react one way or another to this one.  He kind of had a wide-eyed look that I read as him not expecting the feeling that he got from the tutu.  We moved on.  I was standing with him now, so we walked to the fireplace, which is brick.  Again I told him what it was and had him touch it. I rubbed his hands over it. He pulled back and didn't like its roughness at all.  I went all around the house showing him things, and for each one I told him what it was and had him touch it and feel it.  For items that he was really interested in, like a bag of frozen peas, I gave him a few minutes to hold it, touch it, and explore it.       

       I have to admit that this was an eye-opener for me, too.  I didn't realize all of the textures that are around me in my own house. They are the kind of things that are just there and you take them for granted.  Not only was it an eye-opener, but it was so much fun.  Some of our favorites were a cold gallon of milk, the warm computer screen, a straw scarecrow decoration, and a ball of aluminum foil.  Definitely make some favorites of your own and do try this at home!


  That's Questionable
           Q - How often do you give your baby a bath?       

       My oldest three kids have a long history of sensitive skin and severe eczema.  Because of the eczema and the water drying out their skin, I was told to bathe them every three days.  Now three days to me was a little extreme.  So, as a rule, I bathe my kids every other night and, simply to follow suit, I do the same for Max.  So far he hasn't had any trouble with his skin, but what works for the goose works for the gander!  Of course, there are those emergency baths that get thrown in when there is a blowout diaper or a bout of diaper rash that needs a little soaking or if everyone had a hot and sweaty day, but for the most part, everyone in my house under thirty gets a bath every other day.


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