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Infant - Week #35

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Pregnancy Week 35

By Christine Shiffler, edHelperBaby

How Is Your Baby Growing and Developing?
           Your baby is now more than 5 1/2 pounds and probably more than 20 inches long.  At this stage in your pregnancy your baby is working very hard to put on more fat.  This fat will help keep him warm and adapt to his environment outside the womb.  Also, your baby is now developing suckle reflexes.  This will help him with feeding once born.


What is Happening to Your Body?
           You may be having more mood swings now.  Anxiety and worry about your labor and delivery process may consume you.  Your partner and you may start to worry incessantly about things that are generally nothing to be concerned about.  If you feel you are having serious mood swings, talk to your doctor.


Parent's Homework
           Simple ways to trim your family's budget       

       As a couple you can find time to register on different web sites for money saving coupons for formula, diapers, and many other products you may need.  Your partner and you can take time individually and together to surf the net and find time to get registered to receive e-mail notices and coupons.  You will even be able to receive free sample products from some companies.  There are even web sites where you can find out which items are essential to have in your first aid kits.  Whatever your interests are there are websites to assist you in your search.  Search for these and other products using a search engine on y our computer.


Personal Experience
           My partner and I started registering way before our son was born.  I was able to receive at least ten $5.00 coupons off formula. I am still receiving coupons every month to save on formula.   I also received free samples of formula that I did not need too.  I was able to trade with other new mothers or give them away to someone else who could use the formula.  I was able to get diapers at a discount cost when ordering in large quantity.  I usually spent around $40.00 for a box of 290 diapers.  Of course as your child grows the number of diapers is less for the same amount of money.  However I found these savings to be a tremendous help, especially in the beginning.   I found some terrific ideas and savings on many websites.   It really depends on your needs which websites you may want to visit.   One thing I know is that we all want to save money when we can and raising children can be expensive for everyone.


Ways to Sleep Better
           At this stage in your pregnancy sleep can be a welcome friend.  The following healthy habits can both increase the quantity and improve the quality of your sleep.  Create a bedtime ritual.  Go to sleep at the same time every night.  When going to sleep keep your room peaceful, quite, and with minimal if any lighting.  Things like television and music can be stimulating and interfere with a good sleep.  If you need noise try using a fan or a humidifier.  Watch your tummy.  Don't go to sleep on an empty stomach.  Try light, bland snacks such as crackers or an herbal tea.  Wear loose cotton clothes to bed.  Comfort is the key to great sleep.  Keep your room cool.  Studies suggest a temperature close to 70 degrees is optimal for a good night's sleep.  Finally, relax and clear your mind at least 15 minutes to 1/2 hour before you go to bed.  Following these steps generally produces a better night's sleep for most people.


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