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Infant - Week #36

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Pregnancy Week 36

By Christine Shiffler, edHelperBaby

How Is Your Baby Growing and Developing?
           Your baby continues to grow and gain weight at about one ounce per day.  Your baby should now be head down.  Don't get uptight if your baby has not gotten there yet, you still have time if the baby's head is not yet down.  All of the protective layers around the baby have disappeared.  Your baby's skin is now prepared to enter a new environment.


What is Happening to Your Body?
           You may notice Braxton Hicks contractions.  These are also known as false labor because they only last 30 seconds to 2 minutes.  These kinds of contractions are very common.  You probably can't imagine that you could go much longer but you still have a few weeks to go.  You are probably feeling a great deal of swelling.  Drink plenty of fluids and make sure to keep your feet elevated whenever possible.  Now is the time to really pamper yourself and your baby.


Parent's Homework
           Get Together in the Kitchen       

       Now it is time to get your refrigerator packed with good meals.  You will be thankful that you prepared these meals in advance.  You can make complete meals and freeze them until you come home from the hospital.  Take out menus get old and are not really healthy.  You still need to watch your diet even though you are no longer pregnant.  You can make a list of foods you need before going to the supermarket.  Your partner can take your list and shop for the meals you both want to create.  Try to make at least one week of meals if not two weeks.  You can freeze almost everything once it is cooked.

       You may also need to go to the store to find storage containers that work well in the freezer. It is sometimes easier to use containers that go from the freezer and into the microwave for the quick meal.  If you prefer, you can use storage bags for the freezer too.  These are nice because they do not take up as much room in your freezer.  Once you come home from the hospital you will be glad that you took the time to prepare.  It is fun and exciting preparing the food together.  The anticipation of the birth of your child adds to the excitement as is eminent during the time you spend together making meals.


Personal Experience
           My husband likes to cook and can cook some specific recipes really well.  However, since this was the birth of our first child, we decided to get as much done ahead of time so we could devote our time to our son.  I thought of a few common foods that freeze well.  I made a grocery list and had my husband do the shopping for us.  I choose basic common foods.  I made two roast beefs, cooked and left whole to freeze.  I made gravy too.  I placed the gravy in freezer bags inside coffee mugs until formed and then removed from mugs.  This saves freezer space.  I made chicken cutlets.  They freeze well.  I made meatballs and sauce.  Finally, I made chicken soup.  We enjoyed the ease and comfort of having healthy meals. Take out is great once in a while, but there is nothing like home cooking.

       I was happy I had put the effort into making food and freezing it.  I had an emergency c-section at 36 weeks.  If I had not prepared and tried to keep things simple, I may have had a harder time when I did come home.  I really can't express how easy and nice it was to have meals ready to go in my freezer.       

       Tips for Your Partner       

       You will also need to pack things to take on your trip to the hospital.  Here are a few top favorites, cell phone, calling card, change for vending machines, clean clothes, camera or other technology, and a bottle to celebrate (check hospital policy).


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