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Infant - Week #37

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A 37-Week-Old At A Glance

By Amy Salatino, edHelperBaby

Turn-Taking Games!
           Don't get too excited by the heading. We aren't talking Chutes and Ladders yet, but your baby is capable of turn-taking games already.  In fact, she has probably played one with you already today.  Ever give her a rattle to hold only to have her take it and put it back in your hand a few minutes later and then take it back again? This is your baby's idea of a game. She's taking turns with you and entertaining herself all at the same time!


  Revamp That Diaper Bag
           Times have changed - get rid of those infant diapers and teeny formula bottles. It's time to refill the diaper bag.  Your baby isn't as easy to please these days and entertaining her at doctor's appointments or church may be a little more challenging.  It's time to restock your diaper bag with more age appropriate items now to keep her entertained and cared for on the run.  Out with the old and in with new things like finger foods such as puffs, Cheerios, or raisins to quiet her and keep her busy, a few interesting toys and rattles, and, of course, never leave home without your little one's lovey if she has one!


  Recall Memory
           Your baby is off and running...er, crawling these days.  Have you ever noticed how you put her down and she makes a beeline for a particular item?  Sometimes it's because something caught her eye as you entered the room. Other times this is your baby's recall memory making an appearance.  She is now capable of remembering where things in familiar environments are.  This can be good or bad-- good when she is going for toys and kid-friendly items, frustrating and sometimes downright annoying when it's electrical plugs or the dog's tail!


  Demanding, Demanding!
           Your baby knows exactly what she wants and even more so, how to get it.  It seems as though overnight she has developed that ear splitting shriek that she elicits when you take something from her that she wants but can't have or if you take too long getting that next bite of food in her mouth.  If you're taking something away from her that she can't have, try trading her for something else, and always remember that just because she is shrieking doesn't mean she has to have her demands met immediately.


  An Ever Expanding Menu
           Your baby may be ready to add a new category of food to her diet...MEAT!  As always, when cooking with meat, make sure that it is properly cooked and prepared. This is even more vital with a baby's sensitive stomach.  Gauge your baby's readiness for tougher, stringier meats on how well she has done with the other foods you have experimented with.  One more thing...after introducing meats, don't be surprised if it becomes overly apparent when your baby needs a diaper change. Meat just does that to you!


  Do Try This At Home - Hide And Seek
           Your baby is more and more aware of her surroundings and even has a new kind of memory called recall memory.  This allows her to remember where things she's seen before are.  This opens her up to a whole new world of games.  Peek-a-boo has been, and probably still is, ridiculously entertaining to her.  Just wait till you teach her to play hide and seek with some of her favorite objects.  When she's in a good and playful mood, pick up an intriguing toy and let her see it.  For the first round let her watch you put it in a spot that is pretty close to her and that she can get to easily.  Cover it with a blanket or a pillow and maybe even leave a small part of it visible.  Then move away and watch her go for it. If she doesn't have anything better in front of her and if the toy is intriguing enough, she'll head for it quickly.  Once she gets it, let her explore it for a few minutes and then gently take it from her and let her watch you hide it again.  After a few tries, she'll get the game, and her interest in the game itself rather than just the toy will soar!


Hide And Seek With Max
           I am so excited for all of the cognitive changes that I have seen in Max in the last few days.  He's at the awesome age where he goes to bed incapable of something and wakes up acting like he's been doing it for weeks.  I love it, so it didn't surprise me when Max picked up the idea of this game really quickly.  I chose a stuffed grasshopper that vibrates and moves slowly across the floor when you squeeze it as my "hiding toy."  I showed it to Max and let him feel the vibration (he giggles every time) for a few minutes and then took it and hid it under an end table.  The end table was in his line of site, about three feet away, but I tucked it behind a leg so that he could only see part of it.  At first he looked at me like here we go again, someone taking something from me that I want to play with.  His eyes followed me intently and lit up when he realized he could get it again with a little effort and off he went.  He got it and I let him have it for about twenty seconds, took it, and moved it again--this time about three feet away totally under a burp cloth.  He looked at me still kind of annoyed but went after it.  This time when he uncovered it, he giggled happily.  I only let him have it for a few seconds this time and did it again.  This time he was following me before I could even hide it and was moving the pillow that I put it under before I knew it.  He now had the hang of the game and could care less about the grasshopper!  We played a few more rounds with Max laughing the whole time!  This is so much fun. Do try this at home!


  That's Questionable
           Q -  How often does your baby poop a day?       

       Here we go again, more poop talk.  It follows us to the dinner table and everywhere else we go. At least on a parenting website it's pretty appropriate.  With changes in eating habits and making the transition from all liquids to baby foods and table foods, your baby's, "poop schedule," if you will, will change.  Depending on what kind of new foods you are giving him and how much he is eating coupled with how much liquid he is taking will all play a role in how much he is pooping.  This being said...Max poops two to three times a day.  Remember, he is only on table food; he hasn't had baby food for two months now, and let me tell you...he LOVES table food and is eating quite well.  He also continues to drink 16-20 ounces of formula a day which is keeping him pretty regular.  There are ebbs and flows in his schedule but usually at least twice a day!


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