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Infant - Week #4

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Newborn Week Four

By Angela Sawinski, edHelperBaby

  One Month
           It's hard to imagine that nearly one month ago, you were in the hospital giving birth to your new baby. Going through the days that led up to this point, some days may have seemed like an eternity. But when you look back at the month as a whole, it really flew by!


Diaper Choice
           Cloth or disposable? Diaper choice has been a complicated decision for moms over the years. It has recently become more complicated by the debate on the environmental effects of diapers, mostly centered on the effects of disposable diapers on landfill space. Actually, a number of scientific studies have found that both cloth and disposable diapers have environmental effects, including raw material and energy use, air and water pollution, and waste disposal. Disposable diapers add one to two percent to municipal solid waste, while cloth diapers use more energy and water in laundering and contribute to air and water pollution. It is difficult to judge whether solid waste issues outweigh the air and water pollution. In the end, for those who want to be environmentally friendly, it is up to you to make your own decision based on your concerns and needs.       

       Not too concerned about the environmental impact? Deciding based on convenience? Then I definitely suggest going with the disposable diapers.       

       Cost a factor for you? The cost of disposable diapers from a supermarket or discount club and cloth diapers from a diaper service are roughly equivalent. Laundering your diapers at home can save you money, but you must decide whether this is a good way to spend your time and energy. One way to save money on diapers is to clip coupons. Every week in the Sunday paper, at least one of the major brands of diapers prints a money saving coupon (anywhere from $1.00 to $2.50 off one pack). My husband and I religiously look for these coupons. We also ask friends and family who do not use diapers to save the coupons from their papers. I can honestly say that we've never paid full price for a pack of diapers for either of our children!


  Diaper Rash
           Diaper rash is the term used to describe a rash or irritation in the area covered by the diaper. The first sign of diaper rash is usually redness or small bumps. This type of rash is rarely serious but can be uncomfortable to your child. Be sure to treat it properly at the first sign of diaper rash. There are many different types of diaper rash cream that can be purchased over the counter. You must determine what works best for you. The rash will usually cure within a week with the proper care.       

       To reduce the risk of diaper rash, make sure that these steps are part of your diapering routine:
  • Change the diaper as soon as possible after a bowel movement. Cleanse the area with a soft cloth after each bowel movement.
  • Change wet diapers frequently to reduce skin exposure to moisture.
  • Expose the baby's bottom to air whenever possible. Every part of our body needs to breathe from time to time.


  Try This!
           Infants often move about looking for something to suck or cuddle as they try to quiet themselves and relax for sleep. You can help the process along and make it easier for the baby to fall asleep by putting a soft animal or blanket into the crib. Be sure that it is one that is safe for infants. Take your baby's hand and put it on the toy or blanket. Sing a lullaby to him as you move the toy or blanket between his fingers or under his hand. You could also say and repeat "Good night, baby, sweet dreams, baby" in a soft comforting voice.  Soon your baby will know that when he feels this toy or blanket, he will be comforted.


Dayvian's Experience
           I tried this self-soothing routine with Dayvian for two days before all of his naps and bedtime. For his comforting object, I chose his most durable blanket with a silky liner. On the first attempt of this routine, it took nearly twenty-five minutes for him to calm himself and fall asleep. I think it was mostly my singing to him that allowed him to drift off to sleep. The time shortened with every subsequent attempt of this. By the beginning of the second day, a calming effect seemed to overcome him when I put his hand on the silky part of his blanket. He is now able to drift off to sleep within five to ten minutes of this routine. I will continue to do this with him and eventually try to fade out my singing to him.


Older Sibling Adjustment
           Daysia is really doing quite well with her little brother. It almost seems as though he has always been a part of her life. When she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she needs to do is check on her little brother. He is usually still sleeping, so she peeks at him and puts her finger up to her mouth. "Shhhhh!" she says. Throughout the day she likes to pat him on the head and give him kisses. It's really quite adorable.


Notes On Dayvian
           Dayvian has become a great baby. At night he is sleeping between six and seven hours at a time! How did I get so lucky? He is content a majority of the time when he is awake. He likes to lie on the couch and look around at things. He is not a fan of his swing or his bouncy seat. If I put him in either one of those things, he will scream for sure. Another thing that he is not fond of is the car. For some reason he cries the whole time in the car. He has done this since his first ride home from the hospital and continues to do it every time we need to go anywhere.


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