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Toddler - Week #52

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Video Making and Your Baby's Diet

By Mary Perrin, edHelperBaby

  It's Your Birthday! Say Cheese!
           Bring out the cake, light the candles, and sing that wonderful song!  This will be the first time you officially sing "Happy Birthday" to your little one and her first time to dive into that yummy goodness...cake!  Click, click, beep, beep.  The sounds of your digital and video cameras should be rolling.  In addition to sharing the photos with family and friends, develop a game plan for editing those photos and videos to create one masterpiece that displays your child's entire first year.  Give your child the gift of her first year of life in a video.  She will cherish it like nothing else.  As the years go by and she continues to watch the videos, her mind might try to convince her that she actually remembers the events.  Have you ever seen something so many times that you can't remember if you actually remember the event or just recall the photos you've looked at over and over again?  Think of your earliest memory.  Was it actually a memory or do you have a photo that helps you visualize what might have taken place in that moment?  Keep the memories alive!

       Do you know where all your pictures are?  Could you easily find that one important moment you captured on your video camera if you had to?  No matter your photo or video organization style, there is probably one thing for sure-your method must lead to an end result- a result that enables you and your children to quickly view those memories.  Get the kids involved in a family video making production that everyone will cherish!


  Capture The Memories
           Since our oldest child was two, my husband has planned and produced the most amazing family videos.  Each video encompasses a one year time frame, which is roughly from one Christmas to the next.  I expect a great video each year, but I am not allowed to have any inside information as to the content.  I usually hear a lot of "So, what are Les's video plans this year?  Do you have any ideas?"  Sometimes I can put the pieces together, but mostly I am completely surprised.  The weekend before Christmas the kids make me breakfast and give me the video.  All five of us huddle together on the couch, and I watch in great anticipation.  My husband loves to see my reaction and to watch the kids say, "Mom, watch; this is my funny part."  Each video makes me laugh hysterically, cry until I can no longer see, and reminds me of how incredibly blessed we are!  So you ask what makes these videos different from other videos.  The way my husband orchestrates the entire thing is brilliant!  He looks back through videos and uses video editing software to pull out the highlights of each child's development.  He also pulls in digital pictures and carefully adds music selections, but most uniquely, he themes portions of the videos.  The year our son was into Star Wars he dressed him up as Darth Vader (which then doubled as a Halloween costume).  After carefully instructing our neighbor only to give him one piece of Halloween candy, Darth Vader whipped out his light saber and scared the neighbor into giving him the entire bowl of candy.  Our neighbor played his part perfectly and the facial expressions said it all...he was truly frightened of little four foot Darth Vader.  Les went back through each frame of the footage and added a very realistic glow to the light saber so it looked just like the real Darth Vader.  Over the years he has also done spoofs of Ghostbusters, Lost, Karate Kid, Indiana Jones, and Chips.  He has also captured the kids singing my favorite songs, our nightly prayer, and their giggles.  He uses these as transitions from chapter to chapter on the DVD.  Listing the date, showing snapshots, and providing content information on the DVD menu allows us to quickly locate a particular video.  We make multiple copies of these videos and give them to family members at Christmas.  We also make a copy for each child and store them altogether.  Later when they each want a set of home videos, they will already be copied and ready for the taking!  Little by little, you too can establish a system that enables you to feel a sense of peace knowing that you are creating treasures for your children and your children's children!


  Development Milestones Your Baby Can Master
           By one year of age, your baby is doing so many things.  You once were able to count the number of tricks your baby could do, but now there are so many that you are more apt to forget some than remember all of them.  The following list outlines twenty developmental milestones your baby may be able to do at this stage of development.  These are based on the normal range of development for a one year-old. Your baby may exceed these or he may fall short on a few.  If your baby is not performing one of these, do not panic!  The playing field will level but at different times for different babies.  If you have concerns, please consult your physician at your baby's one year appointment as this list is only to serve as a guideline for development.
  1. Shakes head "no" although he doesn't necessarily understand the meaning but rather is mimicking your lead.
  2. Shakes head "yes" although he doesn't necessarily understand the meaning but rather is mimicking your lead.
  3. Signs more - uses both hands to tap index fingers and thumbs together
  4. Waves
  5. Kisses with open mouth
  6. Plays peek-a-boo
  7. Takes hat off head
  8. Pulls socks off feet
  9. Signs milk - squeezes hand like you are milking a cow
  10. Splashes in bathtub
  11. Uses a sippy cup
  12. Attempts to self-feed using a spoon
  13. Cruises around furniture
  14. Walks with or without your assistance
  15. Climbs stairs quickly
  16. Communicates feeling of irritation
  17. Looks for things where he last saw them (ex. - immediately looks for blanket as you lay him in him crib)
  18. Doesn't put so many things into his mouth
  19. Plays independently for at least ten minutes
  20. Expresses loving behaviors (like lying on your shoulder to hug you)


  Your One-Year-Old's Diet
           Your baby will be your number one guide for letting you know if he is getting enough to eat.  Some babies even go in spurts, eating a lot one day/week and very little the next.  Don't force feed him if he doesn't act interested. Eventually, he will bounce back and want to eat and eat.  Portion sizes at this age of development are important, but equally important is the variety of foods you give your baby.  Your baby is beginning to develop likes and dislikes when it comes to foods.  A healthy diet begins in these early stages of development.  Provide your baby with foods of differing textures and with a variety of spices to help expand his pallet.  Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt are great choices for babies.  Your baby should consume sixteen to twenty ounces of milk each day, which can also include servings of cheese and yogurt.  Whole grains are also essential for your baby's development.  Three to four servings a day that include dry or cooked cereals, bread, and pasta will give your baby energy throughout the day and a full belly to get her through the long hours of the night.  Fruits and vegetable are probably the highlight of meal and snack time.  Your baby needs at least three-fourths of a cup of vegetables and one cup of fruit each day.  Last but not least, your baby needs protein.  Beans and meats are great sources of protein.  One to one-half ounces each day will give your baby the right amount of protein, and when the protein works together with the grains, fruits, dairy, and veggies, it will provide a nutritious diet for your growing baby.


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