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Infant - Week #5

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Newborn Week Five

By Angela Sawinski, edHelperBaby

  Newborn No More
           At five weeks, you may be noticing that your baby's newborn clothes and diapers are becoming a bit snug. Most newborn items are sized for up to 10 pounds. If your baby is over 10 pounds, he will probably be more comfortable in size one diapers and 0 - 3 month clothing.


Holy Growth
           At this early stage in life, every part of your baby is growing rapidly. One thing that I've noticed growing continuously are my baby's fingernails. I need to keep them trimmed short to prevent him from scratching his face. Lately, I have been clipping his fingernails at least twice a week!


  Baby Acne
           Much to your dismay, you may find that your beautiful baby's face has broken out with small whiteheads or red bumps. Baby acne can be present at birth but typically appears three to four weeks later.       

       Baby acne is evidence of the connection between a mother's body and her baby's. During the final moments of pregnancy, the mother's hormones cross the placenta into the baby. This stimulates the oil glands on the skin and eventually leads to baby acne.       

       You may notice the acne appears worse when the baby is hot or fussy or when the skin is irritated. The skin may become irritated by coming in contact with clothing laundered in harsh detergents or wet from spit-up or saliva. This may cause the baby acne to appear worse for several days.       

       The condition may come and go until the baby is four to six months old. No treatment is necessary for baby acne. It can help to gently cleanse the face once a day with water and a mild baby soap. Oils and lotions do not help the acne and may actually make it worse.       

       Patience is usually the best course of action. The baby's acne does not bother him, so try not to let it bother you. If you are worried about it appearing in the baby's portraits, professional photographers can usually blend the blemishes out of the pictures.


Baby Hiccups
           During the first few months of life, you can expect that your baby will get hiccups often. You may notice them more when he gets excited or just after a feeding. Hiccups are just one of the many normal behaviors and reflexes that occur in babies. In fact, chances are that the baby even had the hiccups from time to time while in the womb. You may have even been able to feel them!       

       The reasoning for newborn frequent hiccups is not agreed upon by medical professionals. It is highly likely that it has to do with the relative immaturity of the baby's organs. As your baby grows and matures, the hiccupping will reduce in frequency and intensity.       

       Hiccups seem to bother the parents more than the baby. If the hiccups are prolonged or interrupt a feeding, some babies may start to fuss.       

       There isn't a lot that you can do to stop the hiccups in a baby. In general, the key to getting rid of hiccups is time. Hiccups will pass and tricks that you try generally don't work. If you want to curb your baby's hiccups, you could try:
  • Letting him feed at the breast or take a bottle
  • Sitting the baby up and comforting him until they pass


Try This!
           This activity will encourage your child to develop trust. One way that infants learn about relationships is by the way that they are touched and held. Gentle touching at this tender age helps develop their sense of trust. Hold your baby close to you and speak softly as you tell him how much you love him. Gently stroke his face as you say loving words to him. Always include his name in the words that you speak. This will provide him with an identity that is important. Whenever you hold your baby and speak to him, keep your tone of voice the same. Soon he will know that your voice means good things.


  Dayvian's Experience
           This has been something that we have done with Dayvian since he was born. My husband and I keep all of our interactions with Dayvian calm and gentle. Sometimes when he is fussy, simply feeling our touch or hearing our voices will calm him. At times of frustration, we have taken a five-minute breather before interacting with him. I found that he could sense when we are tense and will not calm down until we are calmed down. When he is awake and just looking around and if I softly say his name, he looks to my voice and seems to mellow out even more.


  Notes on Dayvian
           As of today, Dayvian weighs 10 lbs 13 oz. What a big boy! He was a real trooper this morning. He had a VCUG procedure done at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee. The test was performed to see if his kidney problem was affecting his bladder at all. They put a catheter in him and filled his bladder up with a special liquid. They removed the catheter and had to wait for him to pee. Throughout the whole process they took several x-rays. The special liquid could be seen on the x-ray. Good news! The doctor does not see any signs of his bladder functioning poorly. This does not fix the kidney problem, but it is still a good sign. He will need to have an ultra sound performed on his kidneys in three months to track progress.       

       So long to naps (I hope not)! This week Dayvian had three days where he decided that he did not need to take any naps. The boy literally was awake all day with the exception of a half hour catnap! No matter what I tried, he would not fall asleep. The good news is that for a majority of the time he was content just looking around and not fussing.


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