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Toddler - Week #77

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77 Weeks: He Grows Faster Than The Weeds!

By Jodi L. Kelley, edHelperBaby

           This week it feels like Evan must have had another growing spurt. All of a sudden, his pants are a good inch and a half too short, and his belly sticks right out of his shirts! Time to buy new clothes again. With Evan being eighteen- months- old, you would think we'd have to buy clothes marked that size, but this is not the case. Evan is now wearing clothes marked two toddler. Sometimes he looks like a little line backer to me, and I am amazed that it was only a year and a half ago that this big boy was so tiny.


Creating Good Readers:
           One important part of creating a good reader is to always keep reading new and interesting books. You want to make sure your child never out grows reading, so you have to constantly find fresh books. But this does not mean your budget needs to suffer. The library is a wonderful place to borrow books and visit. However, sometimes kids have a hard time giving the books back. I have found that my children usually really want to keep the books we read. There is a middle ground between spending a lot of money at the bookstore and borrowing books that you can't keep. One idea is to try a thrift store like Salvation Army. They have books that have been gently used. Similarly, you can keep your eye out for books being sold at yard sales or garage sales. Bet you never knew your bargain shopping skills could help improve your child's reading skills.


Book Of The Week:
           You'll Soon Grow into Them, Titch

       By: Pat Hutchins       

       This book about hand-me-downs was a hand-me-down my older son received at school one year. The school was throwing away books and let the kids pick through and bring one home. Since we were getting Evan hand-me-down clothes this week, I thought I might dig this old book out and read it to him. In this book, the boy is always getting old clothes from his older brother and sister. Finally, his mom decides he needs some new clothes, and he gets to shop with his dad. The twist in the story is that in the end, he has a new baby sibling. He's very excited that he will now have someone to give his clothes to when he outgrows them.


           Our main activity this week was shopping! But instead of spending a ton of money on new clothes, we went to the thrift shop for used clothes. There were so many benefits to doing this. Of course, the money saved was a huge benefit. But also, we discovered the clothes were already washed and dried several times, so the usual shrinkage problems were avoided. As well, Evan was able to get a nice new book for less than a dollar.       

       I also decided to make sock puppets with Evan and Alice this week to use up some old socks. These socks wouldn't ever become hand-me-downs! Nobody wants someone's old socks! So I just took out all of our craft junk and let them go to town. Alice glued on googly eyes, feathers, and glitter, while Evan scribbled all over the socks with markers. I draped a table cloth on their craft table and they spent the better part of an hour behind the table with the socks on each hand. Alice put on an elaborate show, as Evan babbled away. He seems to love to do everything she does these days.


Rhyme Time:
           Since we were using socks to make our puppets, I made up this rhyme to the tune of "Where is Thumbkin?"       


   Socks for puppets.

       Socks for puppets.

       Red and blue.

       Red and blue.

       How are you today, sir?

       Very well, I thank you.

       Run away. Run away.

       I would sing this as Alice and Evan played with their puppets. The challenge was for them to bow to each other and then duck their hands down when I sang about them running away. They had a blast with it!


Evan's Opinion:
           Evan liked the book enough this week. A couple of times I read it saying his name in place of Titch. That got a giggle or two from him. He enjoyed shopping for a little while. It always helps when he has something new to hold onto while I shop. I was amazed to find a coat, several pants, and tons of new shirts for so little money. I think Evan's favorite thing to do this week was play with his puppet. But I think he enjoyed the activity more because it was something Alice was letting him do with her. She has not wanted him around too much lately, and it breaks his little heart. I think she hates him copying her so much. She's too young to understand it is because he idolizes her. But she realized the puppet show was better with more puppets. She also realized she could boss him around and he'd listen. So they both won this time!


You're Probably Wondering.....
           Question: "Why do they make it so hard to figure out what sizes to buy?"       

       Don't you wonder about this? It makes no sense sometimes. I mean what is the difference between twenty-four months and two toddler? Isn't two years equivalent to twenty-four months? Yet, I have to decide if I want twenty-four month clothing, two toddler, or just plain size two. And they really are all different! Not to mention, I am buying this for my eighteen-month-old. What happened to the eighteen month size? We outgrew those clothes over a month ago! Does that mean my child is too big? Is he supposed to be smaller than he is at this age since that is what the clothes imply?       

       It is all very confusing sometimes. I know Evan's size is fine based on what the pediatrician tells me. He is tall for his age. This definitely comes into play, however, when I purchase clothes. It seems to be the difference between a pair of twenty-four month pants and a size two toddler. Twenty-four months is just too short for Evan. That is a big difference between those sizes. The other difference, though, is in the seat of the pants. The infant sized clothing has a little more room for the diaper. The regular sized two has hardly any room for a diaper. I guess they think a two-year-old might be potty trained and not wearing a diaper. But Evan isn't a two-year-old yet-just a big eighteen -month-old. It makes you wonder why they don't make size eighteen months small, medium, and large.       

       In any case, it makes shopping tough. It's not like we are dragging our little ones into the dressing rooms to try these things on! I highly suggest the thrift stores. Compare the pants by holding them up to one another and eye balling the length. Check out the room in the seat for the diaper. Hold shirts against one another to see which has a longer torso. But watch out for the shoulder and neck area. You don't want the shirt to be too big in that area. You do, however, want to go a little on the larger side for most of the clothes. You can roll up the bottom of the pant and roll up the sleeve a little if needed. But soon enough, you know you will be unrolling them. Because, as you know, these guys are growing like weeds!


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