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Toddler - Week #79

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Week 79: The Snow Is Fine!

By Jodi L. Kelley, edHelperBaby

           It snowed! Of course, this is not Evan's first snowfall; it did snow last year when he was an infant. But this year, he is actually big enough to play in the snow! My husband brought a handful in from outside when he was leaving for work. Evan played with it for a little while. Then we got all dressed up and headed outside to build a snowman. Evan's first snowman ever!


Creating Good Readers:
           The first snowfall of the year got me to thinking about the holidays. Whether it is Christmas or a birthday, a book is the best gift to give a young child. You should put them on your child's wish list when they are young. Hopefully, as she gets older, she will put them on her list on her own. Whenever your child is given a book as a gift, if the giver hasn't already done so, write inside the book. Include the giver's name, the date, and the occasion. Also, if time allows, ask the giver to read the book to the child. It will create a wonderful connection for the child. Connections are very important in creating a good reader.


Book Of The Week:
            The Snowman by Raymond Briggs is a beautiful book. This is a picture book with breathtaking illustrations that allow you to create your own winter tale. The wonderful part about this book is that you can tell a different story each time if you like. The basic story of building a snowman that comes to life for an amazing trip is a tale that all children can relate to.


           Building a snowman was a great activity! Evan loved the texture of the snow. We rolled the snowballs, used a carrot for a nose, two little cherry tomatoes still clinging to the vines for eyes, and a plant stem for the mouth. Of course, our guy had stick arms poking from his side. Evan donated a hat for the top of his head. He loves his hats!       

       Alice and Evan have also been creating snowmen with their bingo markers. Alice's are better than Evan's, of course. She stamps three circles and then adds the detail in with a marker. Evan's are a little more Picasso- like!


Rhyme Time:
           You can sing "Frosty the Snowman" any time. Here are the words:       

       Frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul

       With a corn cob pipe and a button nose

       And two eyes made out of coal       

       Frosty the snowman is a fairy tale they say

       He was made of snow

       But the children know how he came to life one day

       There must have been some magic in

       That ol' silk cap they found

       For when they placed it on his head

       He began to dance around       

       Frosty the snowman was alive as he could be

       And the children say he could laugh and play

       Just the same as you and me       

       Frosty the snowman knew the sun was hot that day

       So he said let's run and have some fun before I melt away

       Down to the village with a broom stick in his hand

       Runnin' here and there all around the square

       Sayin' catch me if you can       

       He led them down the streets of town

       Right to the traffic cop

       And he only paused a moment when he heard him holler stop       

       Frosty the snowman

       Had to hurry on his way

       But he waved goodbye sayin' please don't cry

       I'll be back again some day       



Evan's Opinion:
           I can't get over how much Evan liked the snow! I was surprised that he wasn't put off by the texture or the coldness. But he loved it. He had his shovel out and played forever. Once we were all too cold, he continued to play with the snow inside! My daughter brought a bucket full of it into the house! Ugh! I knew it would make a mess, but I couldn't resist letting them get into it! We even have some in the freezer.


You're Probably Wondering.....
           "Is it okay to let him eat the snow?"       

       Alice was eating the snow by the handful. Evan was copying her as he always does, and suddenly I was worried! My older boys ate plenty of snow. For that matter, I ate plenty of snow growing up. We're all okay. So why was I panicking now? Suddenly, I am that parent that questions everything now!       

       So, of course, I looked it up. I found a funny article that talked about how some researchers found that there was a germ in some snowflakes that can harm tomato plants! Moms from all over were commenting! There was one mom who was even panicked because her dog had eaten snow! The author of this article joked that the snow would be fine for dog and child to eat so long as the child didn't eat the snow behind the dog!       

       But in all seriousness, another article had a very good point about how our environment has changed in the past years. To say it was okay for me to do or even my sixteen-year-old to do, so it must be okay now isn't exactly true. We certainly have a more polluted environment. Increased pollution, more fossil fuels being burned, more acid rain-and after all, a snowflake is made of rain.       

       So what's the answer? The answer is like most things with toddlers and four-year-olds-MODERATION! If they take a lick off their gloves or catch a few random flakes in their mouths, it will be fine. But we aren't going to be trying out that snow ice cream recipe I had found! Not in this house!


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