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Infant - Week #8

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Newborn Week Eight

By Angela Sawinski, edHelperBaby

Pure Joy
           Ahhh! Your baby is eight weeks old now. I am sure that the past eight weeks have been filled with pure joy. Well, not purely joy. Certainly there were at least a few tense moments, or moments of frustration, or even moments of helplessness. This is perfectly normal and every mom experiences these moments no matter how perfect she appears to be. There are some things that you can do to help reduce the frequency of these feelings:
  • Plan times throughout the week to get out of the house, even if it's only for an hour or two
  • Exercise
  • Get as much sleep as possible
  • Let some of the household tasks go and realize that you cannot do everything
  • Enlist in help from family or friends
  • Join a mom support group
  • Anything else that helps you feel good about yourself and the job you are doing

       By taking the time to do some of the things mentioned above for yourself, it will help you maintain a positive attitude and be able to do the best parenting job that you are capable of. Try not to feel guilty while doing something for yourself - you deserve it!


Milestones At Eight Weeks
           Vision - Your child should be able to focus on objects that are eight to twelve inches away; his eyes may wander and occasionally cross; he will prefer to look at black-and-white or high contrast patterns; and he will most definitely prefer to look at the human face over all other patterns.       

       Hearing - Your child's hearing is now fully matured; he will recognize some familiar sounds; and he may turn toward familiar sounds and voices.       

       Smell and Touch - Your child prefers sweet smells; he may want to avoid bitter or acidic smells; he recognizes the scent of his mother's breastmilk, prefers soft to coarse sensations, and dislikes rough or abrupt handling.


           Knowing what milestones your child has reached can help you choose toys or activities that would interest him. Consider some of these appropriate toys for this age:
  • Mobile with highly contrasting colors and patterns
  • Unbreakable mirror attached securely to the side of the crib
  • Music boxes or CD players with soft music
  • Soft, brightly colored and patterned toys that make gentle sounds
  • Rattles


           By eight weeks, your baby will be more alert and social and spend more time awake during the day. This will make him a little more tired during the dark, quiet hours of the night when no one is around to entertain him. Meanwhile, his stomach is growing and is able to hold more food. As a result of this, he may start skipping one middle-of-the-night feeding and sleep from around 10 P.M. through to daylight. Other babies may take longer to develop this habit. To encourage as much sleep at night as possible, be sure to wake him during the day to play with him.


Can You Spoil A Baby?
           All of the research out there on spoiling a baby has concluded that a baby cannot be spoiled from birth up to four months of age. It is recommended that you respond immediately to the baby's cries and hold him as much as possible. Well, I have to disagree with this research. I had a visitor for three days last week who constantly held Dayvian. I tried to encourage her to put the baby down for some time throughout the day with no luck. Now that she is gone, Dayvian cries whenever I put him down. He is a happy and content baby all day as long as someone is holding him. Why else would this be? He was not like this before the visitor arrived.


Try This!
           This activity will utilize your baby's hearing skills and teach him to learn about sounds. Take the baby outside near a tree where he can watch the leaves move. Lay him on a blanket underneath the tree. Tie lightweight items to the branches so your baby can hear the sounds they make as they move in the breeze. Some items that may work well are chimes, foil pie pans, and necklaces. These items will make lovely sounds as the wind blows through them. Talk to your baby about the sounds that he hears as you experiment with different objects. Use words like soft, high, tinkling, and others that you can think of. The sounds will be peaceful to the baby.


Dayvian's Experience
           I played this game with Dayvian and his big sister Daysia. We had a gorgeous day weatherwise for this activity. Dayvian was very curious throughout the experience and was looking around from the moment we stepped outside. Once under the tree, Dayvian got one of those looks of curiosity that things were happening above him. Daysia who is "older and wiser" was pointing to the items in the tree with excitement. She laughed with joy when she heard the sounds that each one made. She was also a true helper in this activity. Dayvian's sounds that he has been saying with the coo's and aah's were really vocal and brought a smile to my face. He watched the items in the tree with wonder and made his vocalizations to show his enthusiasm. This activity kept both kids entertained for a half hour. It was so nice to do an activity that both kids could enjoy!


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