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Infant - Week #9

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Newborn Week Nine

By Angela Sawinski, edHelperBaby

Two Months
           Your baby is now two months old! At the age of two months, most pediatricians like to see babies for a check-up. For most babies this is the first time they have seen their doctor since the two-week check up (unless they have been sick). What do they do at the two-month checkup? Well, you can expect the doctor or nurse to do all of the following:
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Measure head circumference
  • Look over body
  • Inspect skin
  • Take temperature
  • Check pulse
  • Look in ears, eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Check reflexes
  • Check to see if circumcision healed (for a boy)
  • Give the dreaded shots (Hepatitis B, Diptheria, Polio, and Prevnar)


  Hand Out
           Your baby's hands should be mostly open now and ready to reach out to the world. Although your baby can't grab objects just yet, he can grasp things placed in his hands. And once he wraps his hands around something, he might not let go so easily. He'll also try to bat at objects, so keep potentially dangerous items far from his reach. This means not holding hot liquids or sharp objects while you're holding him.


  Q - What Do You Do With Dirty Diapers?
           So, you've just finished changing one of your baby's poopy diapers. What do you do with it? You definitely don't want it smelling up the house, right? With my first baby, I religiously used one of those diaper-disposing containers that hide the smell. Every dirty diaper went right in there, and the smell was locked away. About once a week the container was full, and we'd take the bag out to the outside garbage. It was convenient enough and hid the smell perfectly. With this baby, for some reason, I have not used the diaper disposer. (I'm not sure why - I still have the container and the refill bags)! This time, I bought four gallon scented bags. After a dirty diaper, I place it in there and tie it shut to eliminate the odor. Each bag fits about four to five dirty diapers, which is about how many he has each day. At the end of the day, I put this dirty diaper bag right into the regular garbage. The smell stays locked away in the scented bag. Two other not so pleasant options that I can think of are putting the diaper directly in the regular garbage and having to deal with the smell or taking it to the outside garbage right away.


  Try This!
           This is an activity that you can do with all of your children. What you will need to do is purchase a hand/footprint molding kit (one for each of your children). Wash your children's hands and feet before this activity. Follow the directions on the package to prepare the clay or cement in the mold. Place your child's hand on the mold and press firmly. Then do the same thing with your child's foot right next to the handprint. Repeat with each of your children on their own separate mold. Take a toothpick and write the date in the mold underneath the prints. Wash your child's hands and feet afterwards to remove any of the mold material. It might be neat to do this on a milestone day for one of your kids (i.e. two-month, six-month, or even one-year birthday).


  Dayvian's Experience
           I did this activity with Dayvian and his big sister Daysia on Dayvian's two-month birthday. The mold that I bought for Dayvian was a blue square, and the one for Daysia was a purple heart shape. I bought these at a local craft store. I did Dayvian's prints first because I thought he would get the least out of it. He seemed indifferent as I washed him up to prepare for his printing. When I placed his hand onto the mold, he got a confused look on his face. He did this again when I put his foot into the mold. I washed him up and put him in his bouncy seat so that he was still near the action. Unfortunately, Dayvian did not get a lot out of the experience, but he will have the keepsake to enjoy later in life. Daysia enjoyed watching her little brother do his prints. Her excitement built as her turn approached. She laughed and giggled while I washed her hands and feet in the sink. When I put her hand onto the mold, she got a surprised look on her face (I think it was the temperature of the mold) and then a determined look as she pressed her hand firmly into the mold. As she lifted her hand up, she giggled when she saw the print that it made. She had pretty much the same reaction when I did her footprints. She watched me in amazement as I wrote the dates on the bottom of both of the molds. She was so proud of her mold and couldn't wait to show Daddy.


Notes On Dayvian
           At his two-month checkup, Dayvian weighed 11 pounds 9 ounces and was 22 inches long. I was surprised to see that he had not grown more than that. He fell into the average range for all of his measurements, and the doctor was not concerned with his growth at this point. After getting his shots, he was extremely tired and fussy. When he was not sleeping, he was screaming. The doctor recommended giving him some Tylenol to help ease his discomfort. This seemed to help him as he was not as fussy after taking the medicine.


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