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Week #20 of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Week 20

By Christine Shiffler, edHelperBaby

  How is your baby growing and developing?
           Congratulations you have made it to the halfway point of your pregnancy.  By now, your baby weighs about 101/2 ounces.   Your baby can now recognize your and your partner's voices.  It is a great time to read to your baby.  Whatever you or your partner may read try to do it out loud.


  What is happening to you?
           Enjoy your new shape.  You may feel differently about your body when you look in the mirror.  Some people feel very attractive and sexy.  Pregnancy can take a toll on your body image.  Remind yourself that your new shape is only temporary.  For now, enjoy your body and love the skin you are in.  Experts recommend that healthy pregnant women should try to get 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily or as much as they can.


  Parent's Homework:  What do we do about our dreams?
           Many couples have weird dreams during pregnancy.  These dreams may be vivid, panicky, crazy, and memorable.  Dreams usually reflect your emotional state.  Pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster for you and your partner.  Your dreams usually become more vivid during pregnancy because of increased progesterone.  Some experts think that different things in your dreams symbolize your excitement, fears, and general apprehension for the upcoming changes in your life. Dreams are just dreams; try not to be disturbed by them.       
  • Record your dreams and what you think they mean to you.
  • Share your dreams with your partner.
  • Find out what each other is dreaming this will help both of you to communicate your emotions.


  Personal Experience:
           Dreams for me are extremely vivid.   My partner does not have very vivid dreams but he has had a few memorable and recurrent dreams.  My dreams are much more frequent and vary in their subject matter.  Once we started to record our dreams we were able to find some commonalities.  Our dreams were different from each other too.  My partner's dreams were more anxiety based and seemed to be more protective of our family and home.  My dreams were more related to the baby.  Most of the time, the baby was trying to get out of my stomach.  He would be a full term baby trying to get out.  Sharing our dreams facilitated many different conversations that we may not have had otherwise.


  Activities to Avoid
           If you are going on vacation during the summer months you want to avoid activities that can cause problems during pregnancy.

       Amusement park rides are very risky.  Even the waterslides can be a hazard to your health.  Anything that has force or that can come to a sudden halt could harm your baby.

       Since your shift in your center of gravity affects your balance, you need to avoid bicycling.  It may seem obvious, but you need to stay away from all contact sports.  These include all ball games or anything that could cause a collision with other players.  Horseback riding may seem harmless, but don't take a risk of falling.  Play it smart and stick to a safe level of physical activity.  Because of the risk of serious injury with skiing try cross country skiing.  The same risks are increased with any type of snowboarding activities.       

       The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises that you stop exercising immediately and call your healthcare provider if you have any of these complications:
  • Fluid leaking from vaginal area
  • Decreased fetal movement
  • Unusual swelling in feet, face, hands
  • Chest pain
  • Headache
  • Muscle weakness or pain
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Feeling faint
  • Vaginal bleeding


  Things to do:
  • Record a dream journal
  • Discuss dreams with your partner
  • Check your activity level
  • Avoid certain activities
  • Contact your doctor if necessary


What to Name My Child ?
By Emilee Rogers, edHelperBaby

       Fawziyya, Ayo, Zinaida, Catraoine and Apple are the one thing that everyone in the world has in common.  It is a point of pride for a lot of people, and yet they did not get to choose it for themselves. Have you guessed yet what this thing is that makes us all alike? It is the only thing that that is in your possession your entire life. It is Your Name. Have you chosen one for your baby yet? A child's name will tell people who your child is without them saying a word.

    Names for children can be found anywhere you have the imagination to look. There are books for those parents who want to go over and over the names. The Internet is a common place to look up what the name you have chosen means or even to find a unique name. The site, www.babycenter.com/baby-name-finder, is a great place to do just that. If you are religious, the Bible itself can be a big inspiration. The name, David, for example means "beloved". It is the reason I chose it for my son! People even find name in everyday things, hence the name Apple!

    Yet no matter what the name is, it is the one thing from you that your child will most likely carry for the rest of his or her lives. It is a gift that only a parent can give. Have fun and play around with different names. Try out some names that you would never have come up with on your own. Who knows, you just might find one you like! Remember this name will tell the world who your child is and he can be proud of his name.       

   P.S. Can you guess what the names in the first paragraph mean ? Ayo means joy in African. Fawziyya in Arabic means triumph. Zinaida is Russian for Zeus. Catraoine means pure in Irish/Gaelic. I couldn not find a meaning for Apple though. It could be her Mommy just liked apples!


Sweets !!!
By Emilee Rogers, About my child David Rogers

         When my daughter was born, I was like every parent as she grew older. "Sweety eat your food then you can have dessert." I did not know that I was fostering in her the belief that the 'sweets' were the real treat and 'veggies' were just something to be endured. After I had my son, I was determined to make sweets not so important. I decided to give the sweets first then the rest of the meal. Of course, it was a much smaller portion and I was a desperate new parent but I was willing to try anything!

    I would give him a little bowl of Jell-O and tell him to eat his dessert then he could have his dinner. I do not know if it was that or if the brussel sprouts and broccoli were REALLY good, but to this day he eats a lot more good foods than sweets even when the sweets are sitting out.

   Now that my children are older, I have found a reasonable medium and taken the advice of Dr. Sears, a renowned parenting expert. Dr. Sears tells children to eat 'grow foods' before 'fun foods'. If only I had found this advice when my kids were little!


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