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Week #29 of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Week 29

By Christine Shiffler, edHelperBaby

How Is Your Baby Growing and Developing?
           At this point in your pregnancy your baby weighs about 2 - 3 pounds.  It may seem hard to believe you really have more than 10 weeks left.  Your baby, uterus and fluids will continue to get larger.


What Is Happening To Your Body?
           You may start to notice some weight gain. At this point, you can gain as much as a pound a week.  You are feeling your baby growing and developing.  Your baby will tend to be more active during this period.  Your baby's kicks and movements are well defined and clear.  One major problem is that heartburn.  You may have acid reflux or just plan heartburn.  Most over the counter products are safe.  However, always check with your physician before taking any medicine.  Swelling is very common too.  Try to make a time to wind down and relax.  You will be helping your baby's development and creating calmness for both of you.


Parent's Homework
           As you change your clocks ahead this year, please take time to check and install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  You will find that hospitals and doctor offices will tell you that it is important for the safety and well being of your family to have these in each home.


Personal Experience
           As I was leaving the hospital with my beautiful son, I was asked to fill out information and answer a few questions.  One of the questions asked was "Do you have smoke detectors and  a carbon monoxide detector in your home?"  I was surprised that this was asked but also pleased.  Next, about a week later, I went to the pediatrician.  During the visit as she was filling out my chart, again I was asked for the very same information.  I did answer proudly to both interviewing me "Yes! I have both detectors."       

       SectionWhat Does Your Baby Love?       

       Your Baby loves food, exercise and music.  Your baby loves sugar and spice.  Your baby is already getting a taste for your favorite food from the amniotic fluid.  Spices like garlic, curry, chili, and pepper give the fluid a stronger flavor.  Babies also love sweets.  Babies love to savor the sweetened fluid.  A good reason for keeping fit in pregnancy is that the feel good hormones, endorphins, which give you a good feeling, do the same for your baby.  Music that is particularly soothing like classical is thought to be loved by babies.  Some women even stretch headphones across their bump to lull the baby to sleep.  Every pregnancy is unique.   You'll know what your baby loves.


When you are on a budget
           Put money aside as soon as possible to save for expenses.  Don't always buy new, try to network and borrow some things. Catalogs are a great way to do your research.       

       Prioritize buying the baby car seat, crib, and stroller.

       A car seat is your first priority.  Don't compromise by buying a used one.  Remember that the more expensive doesn't mean safer.  Look into ease of cleaning.

       Sleep options mean a crib is necessary.  Most important is the mattress.  Make this priority in your budget.

       Diapers are essential.  Clip coupons, buy when on sale.

       When looking for a stroller look for one that fits your lifestyle.


Can Essential Oils Help in the Third Trimester?
           Essential oils can help during pregnancy in the third trimester.  It can be used to help in relaxation and sleeping.  These techniques are used to prepare your body for labor too.  A great many oils are considered dangerous during pregnancy.  Safe essential oils are geranium, mandarin, grapefruit, lavender, cypress, ginger, rose, pine, and sandalwood. There are candles with essential oils at most local stores.


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