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Week #33 of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Week 33

By Christine Shiffler, edHelperBaby

How Is Your Baby Growing and Developing?
           This week the lungs are developing.  Your baby's respiratory system is almost completely mature.  Your baby's movements feel different too.  Your baby is doing less kicking and more squirming since there is not much room now.  Your baby can also tell the difference between night and day.  Your baby can now detect light.  You can even test this by placing a flashlight on your stomach.  You will notice that your baby will probably move for you when placing light on the stomach.


What is Happening to Your Body?
           Your body is probably experiencing an increase in pelvic heaviness.  You may feel an increase in backache too.  It is not new that you are having difficulty with your sleeping.  Some women experience Braxton Hicks or practice contractions.  Some also experience clumsiness.  Almost all experience an increase in urinary frequency.  The big news is that you are almost ready to give birth.  If your baby was born this week, more likely than not you would have a healthy baby with a little help from the hospital staff.


Parent's Homework
           Create less fuss and just fun for babies under the age of one.       

       You and your partner can start gathering things to create the perfect bag of tricks.

       Here are some things that many people use in their bag of tricks.       
  • Noise makers like rattles, rain sticks, and anything that makes an interesting sound.
  • Things that light up like a press and spin toy
  • Pacifiers
  • Cloth books
  • Shiny, colorful things
  • Board books
  • Measuring cups
  • Spoons
  • Plastic mirror
  • Finger puppets

       One last thing that I believe is a good tool to utilize is a backpack/front carrier.  Carrying your baby can assist in your baby's learning.  This allows you to keep your baby engaged while you go about your daily routine.  Once you start looking for specific tools to use in teaching your baby, you'll find that you will get more ideas of things to include in your bag of tricks.  As your baby grows and develops you will find that many household items can be used.


Personal Experience
           At first, I did not have the back/front carrier.  I was not sure if it would be a good item since I have back trouble.  I was wrong.  It was a terrific investment.  My baby did enjoy being close to me and also being able to explore.  The way the back/front carriers are built did not affect my back.  I was also able to do more around the house with this wonderful device.  I found that having a multitude of things to choose from is beneficial.  When my child is not able to be engaged and having a fussy day I find having choices is great.  I am continually adding to my bag of tricks.  My son is only four months old.  I have recently started looking for board books that are specific to bedtime, bath time, and mealtime.  Board books like this have the word and picture.  I like this because the earlier you start your child learning word/picture connections, the better he will be at recognition later.  I have also started collecting music.  It is convenient to have a collection for the house and the car.  You don't want to get caught in the car with a screaming child and not have his favorite music on hand to help.  I also find it helpful to carry in my diaper bag a soft rattle that looks like a small stuffed animal, and a small book.  I carry a book that is full of repetition.  Babies love stories with repetitive phrases.


Should You Videotape Baby's Birth?
           Before even considering videotaping, check the hospital rules.  Some don't allow video taping due to legal reasons.  You need to check with your obstetrician about your hospital rules. Many couples want to video the birth of their child.  Others don't want to because it can be messy and unpleasant.  There are always pros/cons to every situation.  As a couple considering videotaping you need to make a pro/con list.  Each of you needs to make a list.  Remember you may want your partner to be available for you and the baby.  You may want to ask a family member to document the event. Again you need to check with the hospital rules.  Some only allow the parents to be in the delivery room


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