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Infant - Week #30

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A 30-Week-Old At A Glance

By Amy Salatino, edHelperBaby

           Your baby has been babbling and cooing and gurgling for some time now.  You should be seeing consonant/vowel speech patterns beginning to develop.  This simply means repeating sounds like ba, ba, ba or ma, ma, ma.  Encourage this by repeating it back and showing your baby excitement.  Don't be surprised when he repeats it back to you and imitates your facial expressions!  These will be the first of many "conversations" that you have with your baby!  Enjoy the ease of these conversations while you can!


  Nighttime Anxiety, Oh No!
           You finally think you've got this whole sleep thing down.  Your baby is in his own room, sleeping through the night. Doesn't get any better, right?  Don't be too shocked if your nighttime bliss comes to a screeching end as he starts to really experience separation anxiety.  Separation anxiety doesn't only occur when you leave him with a caretaker or in a different environment.  It can and probably will happen in the cozy confines of his crib.  Be careful how you choose to react.  If you give in every night, you are setting a precedent that could be very hard to break.  You may show your face, soothe for a moment, and then get out fast and let your child cry it out.  Choose a method of dealing with this that you are comfortable with, but be prepared...it's coming!


  Crawling - The Stages Of...
           All babies hit their milestones at different ages.  Some babies may start crawling very soon while others may not crawl until nine or ten months of age.  There are definitely stages of crawling to be watching for.  Your baby will likely roll around the room first, then he will start creeping or scooching around on his tummy, army crawling where he uses his arms to pull himself around, rocking on his knees, and then usually real legitimate crawling is to follow.  Enjoy every stage but be conscious of what is on the floor around your baby.  Watch for little things that he could choke on or hard surfaces that he could bang his head on!


  Item Of The Week:  Safety Gates
           If you haven't done so already, now is a great time to hit your local baby store and start researching baby gates.  This is one of those products that you think you will just run in and buy.  Then you get to the aisle and it seems to go on and on and the choices are daunting.  Go prepared with the following information:  the length of your opening, how you want to mount it, which way you want it to swing...Geez, who would have thought.  Keep in mind that you might not just want gates at the tops of stairs but the bottoms as well.  Don't delay; you are going to need this gate any day now to help keep your little one safe!


  Do Try This At Home - Bubbles In The Bathtub
           Bath time is such a special time.  Most babies genuinely enjoy relaxing in the tub and exploring the sights and sounds around them.  In addition to running water and bath toys, give your baby something exciting to look at.  Use regular outside bubbles and blow bubbles for your baby to look at.  He will love the sizes and the shapes and the way that the bubbles float around him.  Have a video camera nearby to capture his delight when those first bubbles pop up against him and even more so when he realizes he can pop them himself.  This is so much fun!  Enjoy!


Bubble Popping With Max!
           I have always loved bath time.  It's always been a special time for my kids; it's something that we never rush through, sometimes lingering over for as much as an hour!  I love how peaceful my kids are in the tub and how easily amused they are by what's going on around them.  I love singing songs with them in the tub and they seem to equally enjoy this time!

       We have lots of favorite bath time activities, but a favorite in my house regardless of how old you are is blowing bubbles.  I couldn't wait to give it a go with Max.  Typically, Max takes a bath with the older kids, but the first time I did bubbles I wanted to savor the experience and not mix it up with the chaos of four kids in the tub, so I waited until the others were consumed with something else and then snuck off to give Max his first "bubble bath"!       

       I got him settled and got all of the washing over with.  Then I pulled out the bubbles and gave Max an extra, clean wand to hold and chew.  He immediately shoved that wand in his mouth and started gnawing on it.  While he gnawed, I started blowing bubbles.  He didn't see them for a few minutes, but as soon as he did, that wand was forgotten and he was entranced with the bubbles.  His delight was contagious, and I tried to blow faster!  Soon a bubble got him right on the nose, and he giggled the loudest giggle.  Before long his little arms were flailing about trying to get the bubbles around him.  What fun we had!  We did this for about fifteen minutes before we were found out by my two-year-old. I let him blow for a few minutes, and we ended this round of bubbles in the tub!  We will definitely do it again, probably with the older kids providing the bubbles.  This is so much fun, do try this at home!


  That's Questionable
           Q - Are you still using a pacifier?       

       This time around it's a question for you just as much as for me.  I have always used pacifiers with my kids until they are about fifteen to eighteen months of age.  With Max, I stopped about a month ago.  Here's why...       

       He was a good pacifier taker from birth, but I was always a believer in only giving it to him when he needed it and usually for sleeping or if we were out and about and emergencies arose.  So, basically, he had them in his crib and in his car seat and that was it.  I know I've mentioned what a great baby Max is, so I found myself very rarely using pacifiers in the car seat - they became more of a nuisance than anything.  So that stopped.  I was still using them for bedtime, but it seemed like I was just shoving it in to shove it in.  He didn't cry when I laid him down; he didn't act like he wanted it nor needed it, but still I shoved it in at bedtime.  Why?  Just because it's what I always did.  One night I really had to try to get him to take it, and I stopped and thought about it.  After that night, I stopped giving it to him, and he went to sleep just as easily without it as he did with it.  The question now is, did I do the right thing?       

       I wonder this because now he is waking up in the middle of the night, and I have nothing to "shove" in anymore since he won't take a pacifier.  I guess I made my bed and now I have to sleep (or not sleep) in it!


     Obstacle Course

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