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Week #21 of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Week 21

By Christine Shiffler, edHelperBaby

  How is your baby growing and developing?
           Your baby is almost a pound.  His features are becoming more and more defined.  Your baby is starting to throw his weight around.  He is moving inside your belly and you and your partner are able to feel those movements.


  What is happening to you?
           You find that your belly is being touched.  It is okay to tell those who touch you not to if it is uncomfortable for you.  Remember each woman grows and shows differently.  Since your belly is in major development and your hormone levels are high, it is a good time to start using lotion.  Lotion helps your skin but won't always prevent stretch marks.


Parent's Homework:  What will you be listening to?
           Since your baby is able to hear you and things going on outside your belly, it is a great time to add music.  Making decisions about options is very important and a fun way to prepare for the baby's arrival.  Music can help you calm down, get energized, or just relax as you wait for baby's arrival.  You and your partner can have a good time choosing the music you both love.  This is a great assignment where you can include your partner and have him feel as if he is a part of the "getting ready for baby" process.       
  • Choose music that will keep you calm and focused.
  • Choose music that makes you feel energized and if need be ready to push.
  • Choose relaxing and happy music to keep you positive no matter what the circumstances.


  Personal Experience:
           My husband and I have very different taste when it comes to music.  It was a fun and sometimes difficult experience to choose music.  We decided to both have our own picks but to also have at least three music choices that we agreed upon.  We both wanted to share the feelings of calmness and positivity. This assignment will help us with our childbirth class exercises too.


  How to Make Your Home Safe for Your Child
           Your baby will spend a lot of time in his or her crib.  You want to make sure that your crib is in a safe place when designing the bedroom.  The Task Force for Child Safety suggests that when buying or registering for your crib you follow some rules of safety:       
  • Make sure the slats are no more than 2 3/8ths inches apart to avoid getting your child's head stuck between them.
  • Make sure that the mattress fits tightly in the crib. There should be no room between the mattress and the slats.
  • Your baby should sleep on his back.  Belly time is okay when awake and attended.
  • A coil spring mattress is not good for the baby's developing spine.  You should opt for a firm foam mattress
  • Don't position the crib near objects that the child could potentially reach.
  • Cribs with attached dressers can be a safety problem when the child starts to climb.
  • Use sleepers with removable swaddle.  Quilts and bumper pads can lead to Sudden Infant Death.
  • If crib has teething rails make sure all four sides have them.  Children may bite into wood otherwise.
  • Opt to buy sheets that are not all cotton because they can shrink.  This can lead to suffocation too.
  • Check to see if the product you want has been on the market at least 3 years.  If there were no recalls over that period of time chances are there will be no recalls on the product.
  • Always read warning labels or stickers.  These help you make good choices about safety.

       Section Things To DO :       
  • Decide what to say when people touch your stomach.
  • Start to use lotions for your stretching stomach
  • Make some decisions with your partner about the music you are listening to.
  • Make good choices about safety when it comes to products.


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