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Week #32 of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Week 32

By Christine Shiffler, edHelperBaby

How is Your Baby Growing and Developing?
           You are continuing to gain weight as your pregnancy progresses.  You may be gaining weight faster than at any other time during pregnancy.  However, you are not putting on as much weight as the baby is.  Your baby is going through a period of increased growth and may be gaining as much as half a pound or more every week.


What is Happening to Your Body?
           Until this week your visits to the doctor have probably been on a monthly basis.  You are probably going to start seeing your doctor every two weeks now.  Eventually your doctor will be seeing you every week.

       Continue to eat the right foods for you.  Heartburn may be more and more of a problem because of your growing baby and not much room left for your stomach.  You may find eating several small meals a day rather than large meals may make things more comfortable for you and the baby.


Eating For Two
           At this point in your pregnancy it seems to be hard to enjoy a lot of things because of feeling so uncomfortable.  What you eat may also be adding to this uncomfortable feeling.    Recent studies suggest that pregnant women who eat a lot of junk food like fries, chips, donuts, etc. are more likely to give birth to children who crave this kind of food and may struggle with their ideal weight.  You only need to increase your calorie intake to about 400 - 500 more calories than usual.  A well balanced diet should include something from each of the food groups.  Try to stick to fresh foods.  Aim to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables in your diet.       
  • four servings of protein
  • two servings of vitamin C
  • four servings of calcium foods
  • three servings of green leafy vegetables or yellow fruit and vegetables
  • two or more servings of other fruit and vegetables
  • five servings of whole grains and beans
  • include iron rich foods

       Protein is composed of amino acids, the building blocks of human cells, and research has shown that inadequate protein consumption during pregnancy can result in a smaller than average baby.  Vitamin C is needed for a multitude of nutrient utilizing processes.  Calcium is needed by both you and your baby for muscle, heart, and nerve development.  Vegetables are needed for cell development.  Whole grains and B vitamins are needed for a healthy baby. And most important at this point in your pregnancy, Iron is important for your blood supply and the baby's developing blood supply.


Parent's Homework
           Become A Traveling Gourmet.

       Now that you are this far along in your pregnancy, your partner and you need to spend some valuable time together.  One of the best ways to catch up and create an intimate moment is over a meal.  Eating out can be tricky if you are trying to watch your salt intake.  Keep in mind all the variety of fresh foods you can eat while watching your diet.

       Over the next few weeks when you are too tired to do anything except find a place to rest, go out to different kinds of restaurants.  There are different restaurants to try, Mexican, Greek, Italian, Chinese, BBQ, etc.  Choose whatever it is that you prefer but something different than usual.  The best part is that it is truly a family experience.       

       SectionPersonal Experience       

       I loved becoming a traveling gourmet.  In fact that last restaurant I went to on the night I went into labor was a southern style restaurant.  I tried some green leafy vegetables that I had never tried before.  The chicken was terrific.  I remember that meal because I was in labor for about 12 hours until I got an emergency c-section and was starving.  I kept thinking about food the whole time I was in labor until I got the Epidural.  I can honestly say that was one of the best meals I ever had and I'll certainly never forget that night.

       Prior to that evening we tried many different restaurants.  I tried different foods and some I liked and others I did not.  The experience of spending relaxed time with my partner was the best for us.       

       Most restaurants and fast food places now have healthy or smarter eating menus.  You can always make healthy choices even when dining out.  Try to keep in mind all the different food groups and the mix of foods you want to include in a healthy diet for you and your baby.


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